The NCTzen Angel Number: 127

By: RJ Franklin
Thumbnail designed by Xana.

Angel numbers are recurring sequences of numbers that show you are moving in the right direction in life. With the spiritual significance of these numbers, there is no coincidence that your attention diverts to them so easily. They usually consist of the same numbers, a birthdate, or a lucky number. To NCTzens, 127 is their angel number. Many NCTzens reported seeing this set of numbers over the past couple of weeks, and with NCT 127’s recent Daesang win at the Seoul Music Awards, there was a mutual understanding as to why. 

In honor of 127 Day, we asked NCTzens worldwide to submit their sightings of the number in their daily lives. Here are the results! 


Location: At my job!
Where: It was my first day of work, and one of the very first tickets I got that day was ticket number #127! My co-worker, best friend, and fellow NCTzen was next to me when I noticed, and we just had a little moment and laughed because we’re ALWAYS seeing 127! Whether it’s on the clock, somewhere in the media, or just in our day-to-day life. THEY’RE EVERYWHERE! I went to run that group’s food and beverages to them, and I got tipped on that ticket too! We don’t work for tips at my job, so it really was the magical touch of 127! 


Where: Uber ride!
Description: The license plate of one my Uber Rides has 127 on it. Oddly, I was playing “Good Thing” while waiting for my ride.


Description: I was getting McDonald’s with my BFF, and BOOM, my order number was 127! Can’t even get some chicken nuggets in peace. 


Where: Karaoke Place
Description: When I took the mic, I saw the angel number as the channel number! I checked the other mic, and it had a different number. I Immediately took a pic of it. 


Where: Taeyong’s recent Instagram live
Description: I was checking the views on Taeyong’s Instagram live and saw 127k viewers, so I instantly screenshotted it.


Where: Duolingo
Description: Exactly a week ago (1/20), I made my 127th streak on my French lessons in Duolingo! “NCT oui are so sexy,” indeed!


Where: Sunway Lagoon, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Description: I was waiting for my GrabCar alone when I found money on the street!  I was thinking about whether I should take it or not, so I stared at it for a while. Then, the grab car came with 127 on the license plate, so I took it as a sign from 127 and took the money and paid for the GrabCar with it.


Where: At the home on the TV
Description: I sat down to watch something on TV, and there it was, just scrolling past my screen…those ads are random too, so it’s interesting that that’s the one I got. 


Where: London, UK
Description: Literally just wanted to cut my key out at Timpson’s and…


Where: Discrete Maths textbook
Description: I was flipping through my math textbook during class and found a certain angel number.


Where: Grocery store
Description: I was doing some grocery shopping. I went to grab some apples and saw that they were $1.27! It’s funny because earlier I was thinking about how often I see the numbers! 


Where: My job
Description: My customer left $1.27 as a tip! 


Where: San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge
Description: A pole with the number 127 on it!


Where: My phone
Description: I saw 1:27 as the time on my phone. This specific screenshot has the photo I took of Jaehyun as my lock screen, so it makes me happy. 


Where: At my job
Description: I was counting a deposit after closing the store at work! This is the total for the deposit. I have been seeing lots of this recently, and I think it’s my manifestation for the tour! 

@Dejunzmarkk & @Yunntheo

Where: Wintrust Arena – ATEEZ Concert
Description: Randomly taking photos at the arena and realized that we were in front of section 127!


Location: Newark, NJ – Prudential Center
Description: It was the section next to mine at the ATEEZ concert. 


Where: The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
Description: This happens in chapter 2! I just chanced upon it while reading, and I had to screenshot.

Be on the lookout for these angel numbers during your day! Something good could be coming your way! 

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