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On Monday, April 26 at 12 AM KST, NCT Dream began dropping their “Boring Jalapeño” teasers for their upcoming album 맛 (Hot Sauce). Swapping the bright cartoon-esque backgrounds and unique clothing choices for a home-like set and regular street clothes, NCT Dream brought a more comfortable vibe in their “Boring Jalapeño” teasers. NCT Dream modeled using more common household objects like slices of bread and home furniture, showing off their ability to make even the mundane look incredible. 

The “Boring Jalapeño” teasers released in the same order as the “Crazy Jalapeno” teasers with Mark and Jeno on Day 1, Haechan, Jaemin, and Chenle on Day 2, and Jisung and Renjun on Day 3, ending with group photos on Thursday, April 29. 

Fans had a less than boring response to the NCT Dream teasers.


NCT Dream Setting High Standards 

Some fans compared the aesthetic of the teasers to college vibes.



Loving the Fashion Choices

Other NCTzens commented on the props and fashion choices used by the members.


Nothing But Love

Fans expressed their love for the members.



Some fans observed the teasers for potential connections and spoilers.

맛 (Hot Sauce) is undoubtedly highly anticipated by fans. With each teaser released, there is growing excitement for the official release of the album on May 10. On the first day of pre-orders, the album exceeded 100,000 pre-order sales on the Korean online store Ktown4u. The album count has now exceeded 300,000 pre-orders and is expected to rise in the coming week.

NCT Dream will drop their “Chilling Jalapeño” teasers starting this Saturday, May 1 at 12 AM KST. They will surely show a new side that is different from the “crazy” and “boring” sides they teased in the last few weeks of teasers.

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