On October 11, DJ and producer Raiden released his first mini-album, Love Right Back. The five-track album features several artists, covering genres from K-Pop to K-hip-hop. For the B-side track “Golden,” Raiden collaborated with WayV’s Xiaojun and rapper pH-1 to create an addictive electronic dance-pop song.

Produced by Raiden and Cory Enemy, “Golden” is a love letter to that person you adore. A combination of harmonic raps and melodious vocals, alongside the bright vibe of the track, make up this declaration of love.


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A Dynamic Duo

pH-1 and Xiaojun make a dynamic duo on this collaboration, their voices blending together and bringing the track to life. The song opens up with a whistling sound that sets up the vibe for the rest of the record, with lyrics like “All I want to do/Baby let me treasure you/Ain’t nobody shine like you/Golden you shine you shine” describing being in love and cherishing your lover.

For many, this collaboration was unexpected but welcomed nonetheless. pH-1, who is widely known in the K-hip-hop community, is a skilled artist whose tracks give off upbeat energy. His songs mix English and Korean lyrics and strive to deliver a positive message to his listeners.

A Versatile Artist

This isn’t the first time Xiaojun has collaborated with SM’s DJs. In early 2020, Xiaojun, alongside his groupmate Ten, joined DJ and producer GINJO on the single “The Riot,” a high energy, future-house song.

From covering songs, creating his own choreography, and taking challenges as an actor on the C-drama “Hello, My Youth,” Xiaojun has established himself as a highly skilled singer and artist within NCT. In either his home unit WayV, or on a track for NCT U (NCT’s rotational unit) his versatility stands out, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that he took on this project to show a new side of himself.

Fan Reactions

Even though this collaboration might have taken some fans by surprise, they still took on social media to show their support on the record.


The artists also shared about the song on their social media.


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You can listen to the full album on Spotify, and follow Raiden, Xiaojun and pH-1 on their socials.  If you want to read more on Raiden’s mini-album, check out our coverage of Taeil of NCT’s feature on the title track “Love Right Back” here.

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