By Marbella Ramirez | @jaehvunity


In December when NCT’s Yuta started hosting YUTA at Home, he wasn’t fully equipped with the setup necessary for broadcast. Little distractions could be heard in the background, but then Yuta was given a studio. When his segment was set to end in late February, he was granted a month extension. Once again, the hourglass could be heard as it almost drained out. Thankfully, the fans’ worries were resolved when Yuta was officially announced as a permanent DJ on March 19th.

This is the second extension awarded to Yuta’s YUTA at Home, proving the strength of fans in their fight for attention from InterFM and SM Entertainment. Several weeks were spent sending appeal emails organized by fan accounts, it was how the first extension was granted. However, instead of conforming to a single extension Ai’s (the name Yuta gave his fans) argued that he deserved more.


Along with the news of a regular program, Yuta has been given a wider audience reach. In addition to InterFm’s servers, 15 JFN-affiliated stations across Japan will begin to broadcast Yuta’s YUTA at Home. The details of the sites have not been disclosed yet and will be announced on the AuDee website after April 1st.

Throughout LOVEHOLIC promotions, Yuta has gained recognition in his home country. NCT 127, as a whole, graced covers on magazines MEN’S NON-NO and ELLE Japan. On an individual level, Yuta has been mentioned multiple times on Japanese news and stores have shown their support for his radio openly. On select days from March 17th to March 30th, Yuta appeared on a diverse set of radio broadcasts apart from his own. 


There is one more week of one hour scheduling for Yuta’s YUTA at Home on Friday, March 26th at 11 pm JST. Afterwards, broadcasts will be shortened to 30 minutes from 9 pm to 9:30 pm JST every Thursdays starting on April 1st. 

Emails are still welcomed at [email protected] as well as messages using #YUTA897 on Twitter. The time and day may have changed but Yuta radio is still home.

Yuta has officially cemented his position as a permanent radio DJ but he isn’t the first, read more about NCT’s history with radio here!

Thumbnail Courtesy of SM Entertainment