With concerts and events starting to open up, people are beginning to travel again. But where will they eat? Fret not, EnVi has your back. We have compiled a list of some of our favorite restaurants and dessert places to eat at in Los Angeles for concert goers.

Our Restaurant Recommendations

Yard House – At L.A. Live and need a nice meal? Try Yard House. It is a sports bar and restaurant with tons of food options, ranging from garlic noodles and poke nachos to Korean beef tacos and cheesesteak sandwiches. It is the perfect representation of California’s diversity.

Image courtesy of Yard House.

Los Angeles Eat

Met Her At A Bar – A homey cafe and brunch spot with phenomenal lattes, Met Her At A Bar, offers a multitude of creative breakfast dishes like burritos, omelets, waffles, wraps, etc. The name of the cafe stems from the love story of the two owners. In addition to the cafe, the two have opened up another restaurant just across the street named “Met Him At A Bar,” serving a variety of pasta paired with wines to complement each dish. 

Image courtesy of Maya.

Los Angeles Eat

Egg Tuck – Looking for a quick yet filling breakfast? Egg Tuck has your back with their fluffy egg sandwiches and breakfast burritos. The breakfast joint adds its unique flavor to the popular Korean sandwich by serving them on house-made brioche buns with their signature egg sauce and house-made sriracha aioli. If you’re looking for a vegetarian or vegan option, Egg Tuck also offers plant-based eggs, as well as chorizo, that pairs well in their breakfast burritos.

Image courtesy of Egg Tuck.

Quarters Korean BBQ – Although there are plenty of notable barbecue joints all around Koreatown, Quarters is a must-try. NCT 127 enjoyed a meal at Quarters while filming YouTube content for Buzzfeed. With royalty-sized proportions, amazing service, and a wide selection of alcoholic beverages and meats, any Korean barbecue lover is sure to return. 

Image courtesy of Quarters Korean BBQ.

Los Angeles Eat

Monty’s Good Burger – With a 100% plant-based menu, even non-vegans will be impressed by the flavor and want to return for another bite. The restaurant has five locations throughout California and serves an abundance of options, from their famous burger to chicken sandwiches, salads,  fries, and tater tots. If you’re looking to satisfy your sweet tooth afterward you can find several choices from cookies to floats and even milkshakes ranging in flavor like classic vanilla and chocolate to seasonal flavors like spiced pumpkin. 

Image courtesy of Maya.

Los Angeles Eat

Grand Central Market – If you are out with many people and need a place with a lot of options, the Grand Central Market is for you! The Grand Central Market has a number of restaurants with various types of cuisine. Want to try the pupusa place from LaLaLand? It’s here. The place NCT 127’s Mark and Jungwoo ate at? Here. ITZY has also come here. You can also take a picture beside the infamous mural, which is the background of various Instagram pictures.

Image courtesy of Grand Central Market.

Kalaveras – Looking for a nice brunch or late night food? Kalaveras is a good option. The menu has various Mexican dishes and drinks that anyone can choose from. Not only a food experience, Kalaveras has tons of artwork that draw inspiration from Mexican culture and pop culture icons. 

Image courtesy of Kalaveras.

Slurpin’ Ramen Bar – If you are looking for your next go-to ramen spot, try the Slurpin’ Ramen Bar. The menu is very simple with few items to complement the main dish, which is, of course, ramen. It is a good spot to visit for those who are vegetarian and/or don’t eat pork. 

Image courtesy of Slurpin’ Ramen Bar.

You Know What You Deserve? Dessert

After dinner, you might find yourself wanting a nice treat. Here are some bonus places to visit for a snack or dessert: 

Los Angeles Eat

Bumsan Organic Milk Bar – Try some delicious soft-serve of even a croffle from Bumsan Organic Milk Bar, a staple in Koreatown and a hard-to-miss one at that, with the bright pink building they stand out amongst the other establishments. Owned by the family of Sunny from Girls Generation, her label mates, NCT 127, were also spotted enjoying some sweets here. They offer a unique selection of flavors like guava that one wouldn’t normally find at a typical creamery, with the option of a cone coated in cereal or sprinkles. 

Image courtesy of Maya.

Mealtop Café – Need a caffeine boost? Hit up this dessert cafe and try their coffee bingsoo or just enjoy a latte with some delicious injeolmi toast. Mealtop Café caters to those who love the classic bingsoo and want to try new flavors like strawberry matcha or milk tea. Every serving of bingsoo is paired with a side of sweet red beans and mochi. 

Image courtesy of Mealtop Café.

Salt & Straw – With a large array of stores across the states, Salt & Straw continues to wow patrons with their homemade ice cream. Hailing from Oregon, the brand caters to the large vegan community in Portland by offering several plant-based ice creams. They even have some vegan holiday flavors like pumpkin & gingersnap pie. Members of NCT 127 we’re seen enjoying some ice cream in one of their vlogs. 

Image courtesy of Salt & Straw.

Frostbites – Want sorbet or gelato, or sorbet and gelato? Frostbites is for you. It is a nice crepe and ice cream place with tons of options. You can pick from their suggested combinations or create your own fun fusion treats! 

Image courtesy of Frostbites.

If you’re on your way to L.A., or already in L.A., try out some of EnVi’s recommendations. We hope you enjoy your meal!

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