As the Marvel Cinematic Universe made a big comeback this year, so did their biggest fans. On August 19, NCT 127 shocked fans with a first look at their upcoming album, STICKER. Inspired by the college-themed aesthetic, each member uploaded a cozy photo of themselves at the NCIT (Neo Culture Institute of Technology). However, among the many photos and videos they’ve posted recently, there seems to be one common theme tying them all together: Marvel.

As certified MCU fanboys, the comic book references have been coming in hot and causing quite the buzz. So, in case you’ve missed it, here are six times NCT 127 has referenced the Marvel Universe over the last few weeks.

1. Jaehyun Sports a Captain America Shirt for NCIT: The first Marvel nod came from Jaehyun as he subtly uploaded a new profile picture on Instagram. The first photo shows him wearing a somewhat closed navy hoodie. But, shortly after, the singer switched to a slightly different photo showing that he’s Team Cap all the way.

2. Johnny Breaks Some House Rules While Reading Marvel Comics: Now, this one may be hard to catch if you’re not paying attention. But, 127’s resident Chicagoan was seen chilling in the NCIT dorms with an impressive stack of Marvel comic books. From Spider-Man to Fantastic Four’s Silver Surfer, Johnny is sure to be your next-door superhero buff.

3. Mark Revisits an Old Favorite of Iron Man: If there’s one person you can always count on for top-tier MCU references, it’s Mark Lee. On August 26, the wide-eyed rapper uploaded a photo of himself with one of Iron Man’s most iconic suits. As his clever caption suggests, the number “42” references Tony Stark’s Mark XLII suit shown in Iron Man 3.

4. Mark Gives Mad Props to Tom Holland’s Spidey Portrayal: After many allegations and conspiracy theories, it’s safe to say Mark is indeed Tom Holland’s web-slinging understudy. During a fansign call, he was asked about his favorite Marvel character and complimented the English actor for his Spider-Man portrayal. From one Peter Parker to another.

5. Mark Fanboys Over Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer: Timing is everything in the vast multiverse of NCT and the MCU. So, when a lucky NCTzen had a fansign call after the No Way Home trailer dropped, the sticky topic couldn’t be ignored. When Mark was asked if he had seen the trailer, the 23-year-old exploded with excitement, as did everyone on the Internet.

6. SpiderMark Confirmed? Johnny and Jaehyun Grow Suspicious: In a 90s sitcom-styled episode of NCIT House, Johnny and Jaehyun grow suspicious that their roommate, Mark, is hiding a secret identity. After Johnny discovers a Spider-Man mask hidden beneath Mark’s textbooks, he and Jaehyun are determined to uncover the truth from their odd-behaving friend. Although Mark denies the Spidey allegations, his friends’ theories are incredibly entertaining to watch. SpiderMark for Halloween 2021, please.


Hey Marvel, Pick Up The Phone

Although this isn’t the first time NCT has shown interest in Marvel, these are only a fraction of examples. NCT 127’s relationship with the cinematic universe runs deep as some of the members have already partnered with the studio. But now, as 127 grows in popularity, the possibilities are endless for even better collaborations between Marvel and SM Entertainment. Whether it’s a spot on the next soundtrack or a meetup with the members and their favorite heroes, the fans are all craving something more.

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Thumbnail courtesy of Mark Lee’s Instagram.