Everyone “Wake Up,” ATEEZ are here to wreck your playlists with banger hits including “Crazy Form” from their second full album, THE WORLD EP.FIN : WILL. Making their mark through achievements like debuting at No.1 on the Billboard 200 chart and scoring a title as the first K-pop group to be featured in the GRAMMY Museum’s K-pop exhibition (alongside their little brother group, xikers), ATEEZ are ready to steal hearts. Eldest member SEONGHWA is just one of the many reasons people flock to know more about the eight-member group, enchanting others with his timeless stage presence, vocals, and charm. To celebrate ATEEZ’s appearance as the first K-pop boy group to perform at Coachella, here are seven facts to know about SEONGHWA, ATEEZ’s Toothless and star.  

Written In the Stars

SEONGHWA effortlessly embodies his name’s celestial magnitude. In Korean, his name translates to “to be a star,” reflecting his radiant presence within the group and on stage. His nickname, “Hwaseong,” translating to “Mars,” further captures his cosmic aura and builds on his stand-out name. It seems SEONGHWA’s destiny was even written in the stars, as he dazzles audiences with his power and magnetism. 

He is known for his facial expressions while performing, staying in character as part of the ATEEZ lore. In the 2021 track “HALAZIA,” SEONGHWA played into the emotional intensity of the lyrics and music video, looking almost as if he was being overtaken by ferocity and sadness all at once. After every dynamic performance, like “HALAZIA,” fans are left starry-eyed and wanting to know more.

A Jack of All Trades

As the epitome of versatility, SEONGHWA never fails to show off his multiple skills and abilities. Although he initially auditioned for KQ Entertainment as a rapper, things turned out differently when he debuted as a vocalist in ATEEZ. Despite not doing what he originally intended, SEONGHWA’s dedication has proven him worthy of this role, demonstrating his top-notch vocal range and emotive delivery in songs like “AURORA.” His ability to captivate listeners with his melodic prowess proves that his skills extend far and wide.

SEONGHWA’s talents aren’t limited to just one aspect of performance; he’s a true triple threat. Recently, he’s been showing off his rap skills in hits like “MATZ,” his unit song with ATEEZ’s HONGJOONG. The track is in-your-face and gives the impression of a headstrong, confident duo, where SEONGHWA is able to effortlessly spit bars with precision and flair. His versatility doesn’t end there. SEONGHWA is also a skilled dancer, mesmerizing fans with his smooth moves and impeccable dance lines, despite ATEEZ’s notably difficult choreography, like “HALA HALA.” He has also drawn attention for his covers of K-pop girl group dances, accurately dancing along to tracks such as CHUNG HA’s “Bicycle” and TWICE’s “Look At Me,” while infusing his own unique style and charisma in them. 

@ateez_official_ [만우절🍪] Look At Me 👀❣️ #ATEEZ #에이티즈 #SEONGHWA #성화 #YUNHO #윤호 ♬ 날 바라바라봐 / LOOK AT ME – TWICE

Sleek and Gender-Neutral Fashion

SEONGHWA’s progressive stance on gender-neutral fashion has become an integral part of his known interests, setting him apart as a trendsetter within the K-pop industry. In an interview with BuzzFeed, he described his fashion sense as “genderless, slender, sleek,” when asked to describe it in three words. His keen eye for style transcends traditional boundaries of gender. ATEEZ as a whole have always embraced bold and unconventional stage outfits, incorporating unique accessories and vibrant colors to stand out. However, SEONGHWA has taken it a step further by fearlessly donning heels during performances, as seen at SBS Gayo Daejeon, and sporting a dress on the cover of ELLE Singapore. His unaltered confidence in expressing himself serves as an inspiration to fans who may feel hesitant about stepping outside the confines of societal norms. Through his fearless approach to self-expression and authenticity, SEONGHWA is an up-and-coming beacon of empowerment for K-pop fans.

Even beyond the stage, SEONGHWA’s fashion mindset extends to his personal style, where he also serves sleek and timeless looks, mostly by high-end fashion brands including his favorite, Saint Laurent. Saint Laurent has often challenged ideals of gender roles in fashion, which is reflected in their Spring Summer 2024 collection. SEONGHWA can fit any concept, but when he’s not on stage, he is mostly seen in minimalist outfits using a slightly oversized sweater or jacket paired with relaxed black trousers or blue jeans. When he wants to spice it up, SEONGHWA utilizes jewelry, his hair (mostly hair length), and textures like fur. SEONGHWA consistently pushes boundaries and inspires fans to embrace their individuality with confidence and pride.

The Cleanest of Them All

As the oldest member of ATEEZ, SEONGHWA is known among ATINY — ATEEZ’s fans — as the one who takes care of his fellow members in the manner of a doting older brother. He has been distinguished among all the members as the one who is most clean. When living in a dormitory together, SEONGHWA was the member to maintain the group’s living spaces with the utmost precision, making sure it lived to his standards. This was even noted in ATEEZ’s pre-debut reality show, CODE NAME is ATEEZ.  

SEONGHWA is no doubt dedicated to personal hygiene, seen at the members’ affectionate jabs at his lengthy 30 to 40-minute showers. Currently, in his new personal living space, SEONGHWA keeps everything carefully organized in a way he best prefers. ATINY also have had glimpses of his clean tendencies through live streams and variety shows. Through live streams, fans have experienced the playful dynamic between members and SEONGHWA, watching lighthearted reactions to other members jokingly disrupt his carefully arranged belongings. SEONGHWA’s attention to detail and caring demeanor fosters a harmonious living environment for ATEEZ as the eldest member and also endears him to fans who appreciate his nurturing and responsible attitude.

Enthusiasm Beyond the Music

Beyond his interest in music and fashion, SEONGHWA is also an avid collector of Star Wars memorabilia and LEGO sets. He shares his other passions with fans as well, indulging in three-hour YouTube lives to build new LEGO sets or to show off the latest additions to his “Animal Crossing” island. His comfort to candidly share his interests beyond the idol lifestyle is a testament to the warm and welcoming relationship SEONGHWA has created with ATINY. With communication tools like YouTube Live or the messaging app TOKTOQ, fans have been given a glimpse into his virtual and personal world. SEONGHWA even occasionally visits ATINY “Animal Crossing” islands or compliments ATEEZ-inspired elements in the game, fostering a sense of camaraderie and connection through shared interests. 


Adding onto the stack of hobbies SEONGHWA has, he can also be accredited as a YouTube ASMR creator, if you’re being technical. Through the ATEEZ official YouTube channel, he curated his own series of ASMR videos, called MARS ASMR. Launched during the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown, SEONGHWA used items related to the video’s ASMR theme to put watchers and listeners at ease. Yes, ATEEZ’s music is boisterous and energetic, but MARS ASMR showcased the eldest member’s calmer side and his ability to heal others. 

Beyond his own content, SEONGHWA has made appearances on popular Korean YouTube channels like Soy ASMR, further solidifying his interest and skill in the realm of sensory relaxation. Although it’s been a long time since his last MARS ASMR video, SEONGHWA’s interest in ASMR hasn’t wavered. He continues to demonstrate his skill during live streams, providing engaged fans with temporary auditory satisfaction. 

On a Sentimental Note

SEONGHWA’s deep-seated sentimentality and profound affection for ATEEZ fans are at the core of his persona. He often expresses his love and gratitude through heartfelt gestures, from writing love letters on his birthday to releasing heartwarming song covers. His empathetic nature and deep emotional connection to fans run deeply in the hearts of those supporting the group, strengthening their bond.

SEONGHWA also expresses his emotions openly, a defining trait that draws outsiders into his way of caring. He allows himself to feel and express freely, whether it’s shedding tears of joy when moved by the kindness of his fellow members or being touched by heartfelt fan projects during concerts. As an ENFJ personality type, SEONGHWA’s intuitive and empathetic nature has enabled him to navigate and embrace the full spectrum of emotions with maturity and insight, marking him the shoulder to lean on, for members and fans alike. 

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