JYP Entertainment’s eight-member boy group, Stray Kids, continue to exceed expectations with the release of their upcoming album, 樂-STAR on November 10. The album follows their record-breaking full-length album, ★★★★★ 5-STAR, which hit number one on the Billboard 200 chart and scored a win at MTV’s 2023 Video Music Award Show for Best K-Pop. 樂-STAR introduces stunning new visuals and a rock star concept that has fans on the edge of their seats.

At just 24, member Seo Changbin, has made his mark on the music industry, with his iconic rap style and songwriting ability to thank. In celebration of the 樂-STAR comeback, EnVi has put together seven facts about the group’s main rapper, resident baby, and beefcake.

Accidentally Illustrious Rapper

While Changbin is known as a powerful rapper with a trademark gritty voice, becoming a rapper was purely happenstance for him. When he began his journey as an idol, he started out by dancing and taking vocal lessons. It was his very own vocal coach that encouraged him to pursue rap, because they felt he had the voice for it. 

Of course, the ability did not come naturally to him, but he quickly made progress, and all these years later he has various accolades to show for it. At just 16 years old, Changbin was writing his own raps and releasing music alongside his fellow members Bang Chan and Han, as the popular production sub-unit, 3RACHA. With almost 40 song credits across three pre-debut mixtapes, Changbin was well-acquainted with rap before he debuted as a member of Stray Kids. Also known for his collaborations, Changbin received a Best Music award alongside Thai artists F.HERO and MILLI for their popular collaboration, “Mirror Mirror.”

Changbin made his fierce rap, raspy cadence, and quick wit his charms — qualities fans understandably adore. These very skills also got him onto season 9 of the popular rap survival show, Show Me the Money, amidst hectic promotion schedules. The show features various rappers — rising stars or well-known — competing for the title of best hip-hop entertainer. From the moment he appeared on the show, Changbin faced backlash for being an “idol rapper,” which is frowned upon in the K-hip-hop scene. Still, Changbin gave his all to the competition and showed great pride in being an idol. His opening performance shocked many of the contestants and judges who previously did not consider him to be on par with the competition. 

He is also praised for his clear pronunciation despite rapping quickly, which makes it easy to understand him. Not only is the 24-year-old able to maintain this impressive level of breath control, but he has been praised several times by fans for sounding like a backing track when he raps. Changbin has even gone as far as to rap faster than his backtrack to make it clear that when he raps, it’s always live. 

Undercover Vocal

Intense lyrics, deep voice, flashy persona? Check, check, and check. Gentle singing voice? That’s right, check! Although Changbin is definitely known for his rapping abilities, STAYs — Stray Kids’ fandom — know that the rapper has surprisingly soft vocals when he sings. 

Originally trained as a vocalist, when Changbin sings, it’s as if a switch flips and a completely different side of him is shown. Whenever he sings, STAYs are quick to cheer and immediately beg Changbin for more. In their pre-debut survival show — teamed alongside Minho and Felix — Changbin became the vocalist in the unit when they performed the song “GLOW.” This “hidden” talent is something that also landed him on King of Masked Singer, shocking the panelists once he revealed himself. 

Sharing is Caring, Changbin

One thing about Changbin? Never play with his food! He is a foodie and is always sharing his meals with STAYs via Bubble, Twitter, and Instagram. More often than not, once he is already halfway finished. But it doesn’t matter because STAYs love watching him eat —  adoring the little faces he makes and how excited he is for a meal!

For all the teasing his members do when it comes to trying to eat Changbin’s food, the rapper does enjoy sharing with the members. He is always checking up on them, ensuring they’ve eaten and doing the same for fans. He is guiltless in his love for food, and encourages others to be so as well. 


Baby Changbin

Even though Changbin is a part of Stray Kids’ hyung line (the eldest members of a male K-pop group), he is the king of aegyo, or cuteness. He might be an ESFP, but we would argue that his MBTI is actually C-U-T-E. Acting cute is something most idols view as a punishment, but for Changbin, it’s a treat. When Stray Kids end up on any variety show, it’s usually Changbin that excitedly offers to do aegyo. And he loves it when the others address him as the cutest as well. 

His baby voice and undoubtedly cute charms have earned the rapper the nickname “Baby Changbin,” and it’s one he owns proudly. Not only do fans call him by the cute name, but even the other members have taken note. In their Japanese track, “FAM,” after describing his various characteristics, his verse closes with the members calling out “Baby Changbin!” 

A Man of Principle 

One thing many fans know about Changbin is that he is a man of his word. What started out as an offhand comment in a vlog, turned into an iconic saying when it comes to the rapper. In an episode of SKZ-TALKER — the Stray Kids vlog series — Changbin was asked if the snack he was eating tasted good. Changbin immediately went off on a tangent about how they should try it for themselves and to not let someone else’s opinion sway them of what they want. Sure, at the time it was seemingly a joke — the members playfully called him cool and marveled at his faux seriousness — but it blew up within the fandom. The vlog garnered over 2.6 million views, making it one of their most viewed episodes of SKZ-TALKER.

Even other idols have referenced Changbin’s monologue, the group even going so far as to include it in their teasers, songs, and even in recent Samsung commercials. Now, Changbin is known as “A Man of Principles,” one who will never stray from his path! It’s a good motto to live by, and without fault, he seems to live by this slogan he created for himself. 


While the typical build for an idol appears to be leaner, Changbin proudly deviates from that ideal. He loves going to the gym, and one thing STAYs love about his physique is his arms. Changbin takes pride in his broad shoulders, and shares with his fans how rigorously he works out. At first, it felt like fans had to beg him to release gym content, but soon he began gifting fans with vlogs, pictures, and updates. 

His growing confidence as he makes progress at the gym is something STAYs adore. No doubt this praise probably makes him feel even better. At any given moment, STAYs try to compliment their idol, letting him know his hard work does not go unnoticed. Without fail, Changbin will always find an opportunity to humbly show off his efforts, especially at concerts. 

Sensitive at Heart

Dark rapping style, foreboding frame, and menacing persona aside, at his core Changbin is sensitive. He loves to joke around with fans and his members but he never forgets to let them know how he feels at the end of the day. Oftentimes, Changbin can be seen physically caring for the members. While he does not always voice his feelings, he does not hesitate to show them.

Not only is he sensitive around his members, but he is also close with his family, particularly his sister. They joke around often, but his playful manner around her is the easiest way to show his affection towards her. He constantly tries to make others comfortable around him, ensuring they are okay before moving forward. 

His heartfelt nature is shown not only in his treatment of others but easily in his music. Most of the songs Changbin has worked on for the group — and his solo projects — dive into deeper emotional states. He talks about uneasy feelings and uncomfortable thoughts with ease, translating his feelings onto emotional tracks effortlessly.

In the predebut song “If,” Changbin lets out an endless slew of anxious “what ifs” onto an ominous beat. He raps about scenarios like doing something he’ll regret to someone who disappears before he can apologize but also dissects how these anxious thoughts make him feel. On the somber track, “Streetlight” the rapper reveals the crushing weight of expectation that rests on his shoulders.

Over the downcast instrumental, Changbin sings about smiling in the faces of those who rely on him even though he feels weak. He sorrowfully states in the chorus that, like a streetlight, he stands alone, shining on a lonely night. With “Sorry, I Love You,” the rapper relays the terrible feeling of loving someone who only wants to remain friends. He divulges how one could feel punished for liking this person but refuses to stop loving them.

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