Stray Kids continue to “draw the topline” with the release of their new comeback album, 樂-STAR. Following their No.1 Billboard chart topping June comeback and 2023 MTV’s Video Music Award Best Group Video (International) win, the group is introducing fierce concepts and unique visuals for their new album. Felix, one of the eight members, is no stranger to the spotlight. A rapper, dancer, MC, and a Louis Vuitton ambassador at the age of 22, the all-rounder’s talents are limitless. His deep voice, genderless fashion, and charming personality continue to capture the hearts of many fans. Join EnVi and dive into seven things to know about Felix.  

The Long Haul journey 

Felix made quite the journey to become an idol. He was born and raised in Sydney, Australia. After acting as a fuzzy cheetah on stage at 5 years old, he fell in love with performing. Felix jumped at the chance to pursue his dream when an agent scouted him on the streets of Sydney. At the age of 17, he flew to Korea and trained under JYP entertainment for a year. The language barrier proved to be a difficult obstacle for the expat who was not fluent in Korean. 

Soon after, he was picked by his Australian sunbae (older colleague), Bang Chan, to form a team for the survival show Stray Kids (2017). After being eliminated in episode 8, Felix’s journey seemed to have come to an end. However, his talents and charisma won fans over with a public vote reuniting him with Stray Kids. Stray Kids debuted with nine members in 2018, and fans would not have it any other way.

Kickin’ It With Stray Kids 

As if the idol doesn’t have enough accolades under his belt, he is also a black belt in taekwondo. He spent 12 years mastering the Korean martial art and competing around Australia. In total, he earned himself 63 medals. His agility, balance, and skill from the sport shines through as one of the members of Stray Kids’ dance group, DANCERACHA. The subunit — consisting of Felix, Lee Know, and Hyunjin — debuted in 2018 with a self-choreographed dance video. However, Felix has been recognized for his dancing since his early days with his freestyle dance audition that landed him in JYP. He carved a niche for himself in stunt performance with spinning high kicks, back flips, and long jumps. In Kingdom: Legendary War (2021), Felix’s long jump and outstandingly stable landing on ATEEZ’s Wooyoung went viral. The performance alone has over 9 million views on YouTube. 

How Low Can You Go? 

One of the things Felix is most known for is his deep voice. YouTube is filled with compilations of people’s shocked reactions to his baritone rap in God’s Menu. The song became Stray Kids’ #1 most streamed song in the U.S with Felix’s verse “cookin’ like a chef, I’m a 5-star Michelin” being one of the most memorable to fans. On the popularity of his verse, he said, “If the song is memorable, I feel like I’ve done my part.” With one of the deeper voices in the K-pop industry, the vocalist and rapper sets Stray Kids apart. Felix recounts that when puberty hit him at 13 years old, he was taken by surprise when his deep voice kicked in. However, he now describes his “deep cave voice” as an integral part of his sound and identity. 

What’s Your MBTI? 

Despite his deep voice and dominating stage presence, Felix is nothing but warm and sweet with fans. His parents thought similarly, naming him Felix since it means happiness. As a child, the artist was described as a “hyperactive, happy ball of energy.” As if we needed confirmation of his good nature, he recently revealed his MBTI is an ENFJ. According to the MBTI test website 16 Personalities, ENFJs are “warm, forthright types [who] love helping others.” The former ENFP agrees with his new results, saying that it represents his maturity. “I listen closely to the concerns of others, and I give them comfort and energy which in turn gives me strength.” Fans have taken notice of his loving personality with several compilations of Felix showing physical affection to his members. He makes sure to pay close attention to his members and take care of them. As the idol said himself, “I’m happy when people around me are happy. Whenever I see other people smile, I feel happy and smile unknowingly.

Cookin’ Like a Chef

Not only does Felix go viral for his personality, but also for his recipes. The K-pop industry has heard whispers of the famous Felix brownies. He’s gifted his pastries to his boss JYP, his members, and his fellow Kingdom: Legendary War participants (2021) SF9, ATEEZ, iKon, BTOB, and THE BOYZ. Baking is another way Felix likes to show his support and love for others. After spending hours making over 200 cookies for the Kingdom: Legendary War (2021) finale, he explained, “I wanted to give back in return for all the love I received, so I’ve put in my support and cheer in hopes that everyone does well.” He uses his “Felix: Sunshine Vlog” and V-LIVE streams to bake for Stays, the name for Stray Kids’ fandom. After a Stay from the Make-A-Wish Foundation asked for Felix’s brownie recipe, he decided to share it with the world. 

Sunbathe the Day Away 

Alongside his hobby of baking, Felix often spends his time outdoors. The Australian native enjoys taking walks and observing nature. “These days, I bike a lot. I like riding it where I can among the trees. I feel a lot better when I’m pedaling, while listening to music and taking in all the greenery,” he said. Between his busy schedule and world tour, the outdoors brings him a sense of relaxation. During the Australian leg of the Maniac tour, Felix described visiting the beaches, playing in the water, and enjoying the sun as healing. It not only does wonders for his soul, but also his creativity! Walks are Felix’s way of sorting through his emotions and thoughts. For his solo song “Deep end” in the SKZ-Replay album, he wanted to create a song with sincere lyrics to cheer up his fans through a hard time. After taking a stroll through the park, the singer-songwriter finished the lyrics to the single in one day

Counting Stars 

Felix has freckles to show for his love of the outdoors. As a child, he often took naps in the sun and refused to wear sunscreen playing outside, which is how he got them. He now considers it his charming point. However, it wasn’t always this way; he has expressed his insecurities about them. Felix used to scratch at his face to get rid of them since it made him stand out from his friends. In particular, he didn’t like how dark and noticeable the ones on his nose were. However, Stays often express their love for his freckles. At hi-touch and fan events, they would request to see them and count them like stars. Felix can be seen in fancams rubbing off his makeup for fans to do so. Felix sincerely thanked Stays and said, “Since Stays like them, I will like them more.” 

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