The holiday season is closing in and EnVi wants to help you prepare the perfect gift for the Stay in your life. Check out these nine Stray Kids gifts that your favorite Stay will love!

Stray Kids gift - a black Stray Kids graphic t-shirt.

Back Door Graphic T-shirt

Giving in to that edgy look, this graphic t-shirt is a cool addition to your wardrobe. If you want to build your own style and share your OOTDs with I.N’s, this Stray Kids fan merchandise is the perfect gift.

The cover of 1984 by George Orwell.

1984 by George Orwell

With references on Stray Kids music videos like “District 9” and “MIROH,” this iconic novel is the perfect gift for Stay who like to explore out-of-the-box ideas. The book follows a watchful dystopian government and a man that’s trying to escape the eye that sees it all.

Stray Kids - silver dangling earring

Sterling Silver Ball Stud & Ear Cuff with Chain Earring

Dangling earrings and silver accessories are a must for Stray Kids, on- or off-stage. They are a great way of elevating any outfit. With this silver stud chain, your look will be worth a five-star Michelin.

Stray Kids gift - four gratitude journals put together.

Personalized Gratitude Journal

Stray Kids are known for their deep and honest lyrics like in their track “My Pace.” Sometimes, we doubt ourselves by comparing our progress to others. With this gratitude journal, keeping tabs on our small wins in life will help us feel better. After all, there is no need to rush your pace.

Stray Kids gift - silver and gold bracelet with a daisy pendant.

Sterling Silver & Gold Plated Daisy Flower Bracelet

The perfect mix of delicate and elegant, this bracelet is a suitable fancy Stray Kids gift. Just like Felix, the daisy brings a bundle of joy. This item will bring some light into the winter and will have you looking forward to the spring.

Stray Kids gift - a light blue eyeshadow palette called Blue Moon from Colourpop

Blue Moon Shadow Palette

This Blue Moon Shadow Palette from Colourpop is a great gift to any Stay who’s interested in makeup. The eyeshadow palette uses colors that resemble the NOEASY album cover. It’s perfect for creating Stray Kids-inspired makeup looks.

A set of drawing kit with pencils, pens, chalks, a sketch pad, erasers, and sharpeners.

Sketch & Drawing Art Tool Kit

Artistry can be shown in different forms. Hyunjin, through his process in art, has proven that there is always a starting point and a way to follow. Whether you’re a beginner or a long-time sketch artist, this kit is an amazing Stray Kids gift for the artistically inclined.

A pair of black Converse shoes with high white platforms.

Run Star Hike Converse

Featured on some of the members’ OOTD posts, these shoes fit perfectly for outdoor activities and even more as stay-at-home looks. This high-platform Converse is a great addition to your everyday outfit.

A detail poster for Stray Kids' special holiday album Christmas EveL.

Stray Kids Holiday Special Single Christmas EveL

Last but not least, if you want to surprise a Stay with something for the holidays, Stray Kids’ most recent release, Christmas EveL, is a great gift choice. Released on November 29, this special album was made especially for Stay. The main track “Christmas EveL” brings the Christmas bad boys out of Stray Kids, along with their own twist.

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Thumbnail courtesy of Beca.