After the success of their second regular studio album NOEASY, Stray Kids have returned with the EP Holiday Special Single Christmas EveL. Released on November 29, the EP contains a total of four tracks. It includes three new original songs and an English version of “Domino” from their previous release. 

The “Bad Boys” of Christmas

The holiday special single opens up with “Christmas EveL” a hip-hop track with an addicting melody. Written by Stray Kids’ Bangchan, Han, and Changbin (3RACHA), and HotSauce, the upbeat song embodies the mischievous bad boys of Christmas theme. With lyrics such as  “I hate to see those people who stick to each other because it’s cold/I don’t get a single call, only junk messages, I hate everyone” and “Risky and chaotic/I don’t need no presents/Crossing out X-MAS” the group adds their full personality and energy to the track. They show a different side to the usual Christmas singles. 

The highlight of the title track comes with the outro, when the beat drops. The group starts chanting the words “Feliz Navidad” in Spanish. 

Alongside the album, the group released a music video for “Christmas EveL.” The video follows the octet becoming Santa Claus’ special substitutes. They run through stores to find gifts, successfully deliver them, and prove to a little girl who discovers they’re not Santa how fun Christmas can be with Stray Kids. 

The video is what one can expect from Stray Kids: fun, playful, and energetic. It maintains the track’s intensity and matches perfectly with the lyrics, showing the humorous side of the group’s personality. 

A Special Holiday

Composed by Bangchan (3RACHA) and Nickko Young, the second track “24 to 25,”  is a pop ballad with calm guitar sounds. The song conveys the feelings of hope and anticipation for the holidays and gives the sense of being in a cozy atmosphere. The lyrics describe the wish to spend Christmas time together. 

The track also carries a special message to the group’s fans STAY. Expressing their want to be close during these memorable times, the boys sing, “Stay for Christmas/On this cozy night/Stay for Christmas/Put everything down/Stay for Christmas” 

Next up is “Winter Falls.” Written and composed by the group’s rapper Han (3RACHA) and earattack, Winter Falls is a dance pop track with a catchy melody. The lyrics discuss the story of someone who tries to forget difficult and consuming thoughts during the winter. “Winter Falls, the snow falls/Purer than anything/Falls, I’ll try to erase everything about you/That still remains with me.” 

Through “Winter Falls” Stray Kids contrast the feeling of trying to clear your mind to the snowfalls during winter.  

Stray Kids is well-known for taking part in the creative process of their albums, and  Christmas EveL was no exception. Each track exhibits the group essence while bringing new elements that distinguish this album from their previous releases. 

Wrapping the EP with the English version of the song “Domino” from their previous album release NOEASY, the special holiday release closes with a strong statement from the eight-member group. Like the Korean version, this new take on the track continues to show Stray Kids’ unique style. With an addictive domino sound, the song discusses their ambitions and how despite everything they’re not stopping. 

What’s Next? 

From winning at the survival show Kingdom: Legendary War, releasing their second full-length album, and a Japanese single, Stray Kids has had an incredible year. Closing the year with Christmas EveL, the group continues to prove its growth and versatility as artists with every release. Fans cannot wait to see what’s next in store for the group.

Stray Kids is expected to release a music video of the track “Winter Falls” on November 30 at 6 PM KST. 

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Thumbnail courtesy of JYP Entertainment.