Continuing their saga of breathtaking comeback teasers for their upcoming comeback, A.C.E released the second and third set of concept photos, “Eclipse,” and “Moon.” After featuring delicate and fairy-like visuals in the “Sun” version, the group returned with a darker, more alluring aesthetic to visually represent the light fading during an eclipse.

In the “Eclipse” concept photos, the members were first featured wearing red and black, with intricate jewelry in black and dark grey, and a blueish purple light reminiscent of the way the light changes when the moon slowly hides the sun.


The boys definitely didn’t disappoint with the “Siren” versions of this concept, bringing to fans another water setting, this time with a gloomy vibe and black clothes, portraying the darker side of siren myths. A recurring theme in the pictures, since the “Sun” concept, seems to be different types of flowers, which match each aesthetic and member perfectly.

Taking fans by surprise, A.C.E also released another set of photos, titled “Veiled.” As the name says, the pictures brought the members covered in a lace veil, hiding their face and body, each of them with a distinct color: maknae Chan in white and black, Kim Byeongkwan in white, leader Jun in red, Wow in burgundy, and Donghun in black.

With this new batch of teasers, A.C.E showed fans once again how they’re always one step ahead, exceeding expectations.

To finish off their concept pictures for this comeback, the quintet released the final concept, “Moon.” As many fans predicted, this set of teasers brought black outfits in leather, velvet and sheer fabrics, complemented by bright gold and silver accessories to contrast with the dark clothing.

But of course, the group saved the best for last. Fully embracing how they’re recognized as the “underwater teasers idols,” A.C.E came back again with the same idea in the “Siren” versions of the pictures. 


Managing to bring a completely different concept, even while doing something they’ve done before in their “Favorite Boys” teasers from 2020, they dove into the Siren concept and blessed fans with new underwater pictures, wrapping up their teaser pictures schedule leading to the comeback.

A.C.E made their comeback with “Higher,” and the mini-album SIREN:DAWN on June 23 – check it out below!

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Thumbnail courtesy of Beat Interactive/Swing Entertainment.