Although the resurgence of COVID-19 led to the cancellation of their first concert, AB6IX have still started 2022 with a bang. On January 17, the group released their newest album, Complete With You. With the great success of their previous projects, MO’ COMPLETE: HAVE A DREAM and MO’COMPLETE, ABNEW are thrilled for the next journey in their musical career. 

AB6IX debuted in 2019 under BRAND NEW MUSIC. The group consists of members Daehwi, Donghyun, Woong, and Woojin. They have had great success domestically and abroad while only being together for three years. Through a press release, EnVi learned more about the inside process of how the album was created. 

“But I Like You, so Dance With Me” 

The album includes five tracks: the lead single “1,2,3” and four solo tracks, where each member has both production and writing credits. “1,2,3,” co-written by Daehwi, is an upbeat pop track with the use of horns to bring more life into the song. It shares a story of being excited but overwhelmed by emotions when seeing someone you like. 

The group also released a  performance video that complements the lyrics. Conveying the struggle between being nervous and having the utmost confidence, the video changes from black and white to color. Showing their true intentions for their special someone, they confidently choose outfits for themselves and get decorations for their serenade stage. At the end of the video, the group goes into a powerful dance break, showing their special outfits and singing about their love for ABNEW. 

The chorus of the song includes a fun, lighthearted, and energetic choreography that fans are already dancing to, pioneering the “1,2,3” Dance Challenge.

Showing Different Sides of Each Other 

The self-producing group also had an opportunity to show their individual talents by including solo songs in the album. This is not new for them, as they released a full EP 5NALLY last year, with solo tracks for each member. “The individuality and charms of each AB6IX member stand out in this feel-good album,” Donghyun mentioned via press release. 

The first solo song,“Venus,” by Donghyun, displays both his singing and rapping skills. The song starts with a mellow tone then goes into a soft EDM beat with a prominent guitar solo.  He gave ABNEW a sneak peek of the song last Tuesday on a V-Live, where he spoke about “Venus” being beautiful and pure. Along with this, he mentioned the lyrics show how beauty can also be a painful thing as well: “Baby, I can’t stop your cold blooded game.”

The following song, “CONSOLATION,” comes from lead rapper, Woojin. The soft bass progresses into a mixture of horns as his verse gets more intense. On the trap-inspired beat, he displays more of his vocals as he talks about issues that young people face, like loneliness and not knowing what path to choose in life. 

The next song is “CRAZY LOVE.” Using soft pop elements, Woong described the feelings of being around the person you want to love you as much as you love them. He said this type of love makes people dizzy, but it is worth the trouble. The last song on the album comes from Daehwi, and is called “IN YOUR EYES’.’ The soft ballad depicts the pure emotions of being able to see yourself in someone else. 

ABNEW Show Their Love for the Album 

From Daewhi’s powerful ballad to Woojin’s trap-inspired record, the project has been well received from ABNEW all over the world. ABNEW took to social media to share their admiration for the group and the rave reviews on the album. 

While COVID-19 has taken the music industry on a wild ride, Woong furthered the sentiment of missing ABNEW and hoping for the day they can meet again. Whether this is your first comeback with AB6IX or you are a long-time ABNEW, this album is sure to bring in the New Year right. 

You can listen to Complete With You on Spotify and Apple Music.

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