On June 6, boy group A.C.E announced their upcoming comeback with Siren: Dawn, their 5th mini album, and with it, a busy comeback schedule. Amidst regular releases, like a comeback trailer, tracklist, and music video teaser, fans also noticed that the quintet would release three different concept photos, and some of the days on the schedule had nothing but a question mark. In the days following the comeback announcement, concept photos for the first concept, named “Sun,” were slowly released. The members delivered otherworldly visuals, with breathtaking artistic compositions, in two versions – in true A.C.E. fashion.

In the first version of the photos, the members are dressed in white, wearing delicate jewelry and soft shimmery makeup, and are surrounded by flowers in soft bright light – very fitting with the idea of the Sun.


The second version of the “Sun” concept photos revealed what the first question mark meant, and truly reflected the name of the album. Drawing on inspiration from John Everett Millais’ painting, Ophelia, and the many interpretations of the siren mythologies, A.C.E. showcased ethereal siren-like visuals, using water as a prop, much like in their previous comeback photos for HJZM: The Butterfly Phantasy. With more detailed makeup, featuring pearls and gemstones, the boys look like magical creatures right out of a fairytale.

The “Sun” concept photos exceeded fans’ expectations, even though A.C.E is known for having outstanding photos that seem to outdo themselves with every comeback.



A.C.E will be making their comeback on June 23 with the release of “Higher,” the Siren:Dawn‘s title track – stay tuned to see what the group surprises fans with next!

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Thumbnail courtesy of Beat Interactive/Swing Entertainment.