In the past week, æspa have kicked off their Savage promotions with grand schedules. The four girls alongside their æ-avatars became brand ambassadors for KB Kookmin Bank. On October 3, æspa performed “Next Level” at the Wild Riff SEA Championship Finals 2021. While unveiling new collaborations, æspa have been subsequently dropping teasers since their mini-album was announced in mid September. In their last collection of teasers, æspa showed more of their mystifying and animalistic visuals. aespa 


A Thrilling Music Video Teaser

If there was a word to capture the music in the teaser, it would be exhilarating. The beat is strong and fast-paced. It sounds intense enough to be in the soundtrack of an action film. æspa’s vocals are only highlighted as they sing. They display their sass by clicking their tongue in what seems to be a key point of the track. 

The video suits the “Savage” snippet. This clip briefly teases a climactic battle between æspa and some robotic snake eye— presumably Black Mamba’s. As the teaser chorus builds, the quartet flash across the screen, each holding their own unique weapons. This video evidently continues the narrative of their past songs.


Unveiling More of the Kwangya

In late September, æspa teased more of their mythological world in their “Hallucination Quest 2” images. Wearing the same ethereal outfits from “Hallucination Quest” photos, æspa show off their acting in the elaborate images. 

The first teaser released was Karina’s. A metallic snake husk wraps around her body midair. Her expression is dazed. The other images show a more disheveled look as her hair is slightly misplaced and blurry. 

Next was Giselle, who posed in the middle of the water. Her figure is famed by shards of water as water skeleton arms wrap around her leg. 

Winter’s teaser shows a new contraption that was shown in the music video trailer. Winter sits before the machine with a single snake eye, which looks like a mix of Sauron from Lord of the Rings and the Deus Ex Machina from The Matrix. Snakes are in the background rocks.

Ningning’s final “Hallucination Quest” images captured more of a snake. She stood atop wet scales, which were surrounded by pointy, oversized bone-like structures. Dark twisty silhouettes were wrapped around her legs. 

Perhaps this shows their actual battle with the Black Mamba, or it serves as the end of their quest to regain sanity. Regardless, these images show off their visuals and acting abilities as they effortlessly blend in with the CGI backgrounds of their images. 


In SYNK With Their æ Avatars 

A continuation of the “SYNK Dive” teasers, this new set of images contains both the four æspa members and their digital counterparts. Each image is in front of a blank color background, highlighting the animation of each æ-æspa member.

Wearing more edgy attire, each member had their own set of images where they posed next to their avatar. They then posed altogether in the group photos. 


Stunning in Solid Colors

The last teasers were unnamed. They showed the girls in solid colors. While the individual photos had solid backgrounds, the group photos showed a luminescent digital landscape similar to ones they had in their “Black Mamba” and “Next Level” teasers but not quite the same. 

The plants were metallic water-like objects. The color scheme was on the pink and purple side of the scale.  

While it is uncertain if this is the Kwangya or just their hallucinations, what’s clear is that there seems to be some sort of resolution after the climactic battle. 


Get Savage With æspa

æspa’s Savage mini-album comes out later today, October 5 at 6 PM KST. This is their first album since their debut last year in November 2020. Through the content they have released so far, it is apparent that æspa aim to reveal new sides of themselves, leveling up their game with each installment. 

With just one day left until their mini-album drops, it is safe to say it will be “next level.” æspa’s fans, MY, will gain more of an understanding of their unique mythology as a group. MY will also be able to enjoy more of their content and talent with upcoming promotions.


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Thumbnail courtesy of SM Entertainment.