By Diana | @18kst

Johnny’s ascendant is at 17° Virgo, with asteroid Chiron retrograde at 25° Virgo and the first house lord in the fifth house. His ascendant degree suggests that he will have a content and fulfilling life and be highly respected. However, Chiron in the first house symbolizes deep impressions regarding the identity, approach toward the world or body. The first house lord in the fifth house may denote a link between his identity and creative endeavors.

His second house cusp falls at 12° Libra, with his north node at 9° Scorpio. This suggests that he needs to develop self-confidence and be happy on his own. The second house revolves around personal values, self-worth, style, possessions, and personal finances. The north node in this house suggests that his life path will be to develop his values and become comfortable in his skin. Libra on the second house cusp represents that he values harmony, fairness, justice, and beauty. Scorpio falls in the second house as well, so he likely values authenticity and truth as well. The second house lord in the fourth house signifies that he values family, home matters, and his roots.

His third house sits at 12° Scorpio, with Pluto at 0° Sagittarius and Jupiter at 11° Sagittarius. This signifies a stable, analytical, and inquisitive nature as well as compassion and understanding. However, Pluto is the planet of transformation and rebirth. Jupiter deals with expansion and growth. He likely has a very direct way of communicating and is unapologetic about what he says. He also has a natural wit about him and makes people laugh easily. The third house lord falls in the twelfth house, which indicates that he may be an imaginative person, or he daydreams a lot.

His fourth house cusp sits at 15° Sagittarius, with Venus at 5° Capricorn. Venus in this house indicates that he may be close to his family, and strongly value his roots. He may also have had a relatively laidback childhood. He may be close to some of his childhood friends, and value staying in touch with people from his past. His fourth house ruler is in the third, so there is likely a strong connection between him and his childhood friends, and he values what they think. He also enjoys talking to intelligent, witty people and he may be highly opinionated.

The fifth house starts at 19° Capricorn, and he has a stellium with the Sun, Mercury, Uranus, and Neptune in this house. He is adaptive, diligent, and serious about his music. The stellium implies that there is either too much focus or that major lessons related to these topics will happen. The fifth house relates to creative endeavors, parties, indulgence, and romance. Some of this may reflect the amount of time he spent as a trainee, being around people older than him, and having to be patient and trust that he would debut. Because of this, he may take it very seriously. He may consider his art as part of his identity. He should understand that it’s okay to let loose and have fun with it and work on stress management as the amount of energy can denote the potential for him to be easily stressed out. The fifth house lord is in the sixth house, so this may imply that he needs to combine his vision with a grounded action plan to get the results he wants. He also needs to work on balancing work and fun because if he is not careful, he can get carried away with frivolous behavior.

Johnny’s sixth house starts at 21° Aquarius, with Saturn at 12° Pisces. This suggests a major need for balance and discretion in the area of life dealing with health, work, routines, and pets. He has Saturn in this house, which will likely help balance things out, if not overcorrect them. Saturn at this degree represents guarding and protection against carelessness, so he may be overly cautious when it comes to his health, diet, or his work. He may also have a set routine and be very diligent in maintaining it. However, it may take some time to develop a routine, or he may have anxiety around health or work.

The descendant, also known as the seventh house cusp, starts at 17° Pisces. This may suggest persistence, determination, and potential for self-undoing. In close relationships, he values people who are kind, compassionate, highly empathetic. He also may be idealistic and laid-back when he’s around other people. His seventh house lord is in the third house, so some of his closest relationships may be from his early childhood. He likely connects well with people who embody Piscean qualities. 

Johnny’s eighth house begins at 12° Aries, with the south node in 9° Taurus. He likely does not have too much trouble becoming close to people and does so in a childlike, carefree sense. However, having the south node in this house means that he may rely too much on other people and their resources. He may have to learn to develop his values and work to be able to rely on his resources. The eighth house ruler in the twelfth house may mean that he has a lot of challenges to overcome, and it may require more shadow work and self-awareness than others may unlock his potential. The south node also represents your comfort zone and something to grow from, as staying in this place will not allow a person to thrive in the long run. Another thing he may need to adjust is being more willing to ask for help, as the eighth house can represent someone who prefers to work on their own and the south node indicates he tends to keep things more private rather than being open about it.

His ninth house falls at 12° Taurus, with Lilith at 4° Gemini. The ninth house represents travel abroad, higher education, philosophy, and belief systems. This is also the house of wishes. There is not a major focus on this area of his life, however, with Taurus as the sign on the cusp of this house, he may be quite stubborn about his views. He may also be highly opinionated or have beliefs that differ from the ones he is expected to have. However, Venus is the ruling planet of this house, so he may not have too much trouble pursuing anything related to these topics. He may have a relatively easy time with wish fulfillment as well. The ninth house lord falls in the fourth house, suggesting that his roots and family have shaped his view of the world. He may enjoy traveling to ancestral lands in particular.

Johnny’s midheaven or tenth house cusp falls at 15° Gemini, with his moon at 18° Gemini. This house deals with public image, career, and reputation, as well as an online presence. He is someone who wears his heart on his sleeve and has a genuine personality. The public sees him as witty, clever, intelligent, and someone who is a social butterfly. Regarding emotions, Johnny is someone who will overanalyze and try to unpack his emotions, rather than letting himself experience them and think about it later. He may get overwhelmed by intense emotional experiences and overthink his response to things, so he should take care to make sure he is maintaining a grounded perspective on what is happening to take the best course of action. The tenth house lord in the fifth house suggests his career will have to do with creativity or the arts to some degree.

The eleventh house sits at 19° Cancer. This indicates dedication and service to a broader community. This can refer to friendships, clubs, fanbases, organizations, and social media platforms. In his friendships, he likely likes people who are very empathetic, nurturing, and protective of their close ones. He also may enjoy having friends who are very direct and not afraid to tell him how it is. He may also have an easy time with wish fulfillment, as long as he truly believes in what he wants. His eleventh house lord falls in the tenth house. Many of his friends are either in the public eye, or his friendships are very public and celebrated.

Johnny’s twelfth house cusp starts at 21° Leo, with Mars at 23° Leo. This may indicate the repression of his identity as previously mentioned. However, because this is the twelfth house, this is likely something he may not be aware of. The twelfth house deals with isolation, self-sacrifice, spirituality, and the subconscious. The repression may be a product of his tendency to be self-defeating and doubting himself. Mars in this house can indicate some lasting resentment due to a lack of communication regarding any frustrations he may have. 

The key takeaways are that he should work on being gentle with himself and being more open with others. These things come naturally to him already, but it becomes complicated by not being open and thinking he can handle everything on his own. He can also adjust how to balance work and fun, and not get too wrapped up in his creative projects. There is excess energy in that area of life, so he can take care to be mindful of his routines and responsibilities, and not let other things get in the way of goals.

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