Right after wrapping up the Japanese shows of their THE FELLOWSHIP : BEGINNING OF THE END tour–KQ Entertainment’s eight-member K-pop boy group, ATEEZ, announced on July 18 that they will be going on yet another world tour. The tour, titled THE FELLOWSHIP : BREAK THE WALL, is set to begin in Seoul with two shows at the end of October before the group heads to the United States. After wrapping up in the U.S. for the first time, the group will perform in Canada before leaving North America to head to Japan for their final two shows in December. 

Check out the specific dates in the tour poster below.

Closing the Year With a Bang

The tour shares the same logo for their upcoming comeback, THE WORLD EP. 1 : MOVEMENT, so fans can likely anticipate performances of tracks from the album. The tour will also be held during important dates for the group’s fandom. 

The tour begins on October 29, just five days after the group’s fourth anniversary on October 24. November 7 is leader and main rapper Hongjoong’s birthday and marks their stop in Anaheim. November 17 will be the fourth anniversary of the birth of their fandom’s name–ATINY–and the group will be preparing to travel from Dallas to Chicago during this time. Finally, November 26 is main dancer and vocalist Wooyoung’s birthday, and the group will likely just be arriving in Newark on this date. The tour will be jam-packed with several significant dates and they will spend it all with ATINYs.

2022 has been a busy year for ATEEZ. Currently in the midst of teaser promotions for their upcoming comeback and finally wrapping up their then-postponed world tour, THE FELLOWSHIP : BEGINNING OF THE END, the group has been nothing short of booked.

ATINYs Are Overflowing With Excitement

The tour dates were a shock to fans as the boys had yet to even return back to South Korea before the announcement. Although no information has been released regarding ticket sales, additional shows, or venues, ATINYs are more than overjoyed and took to Twitter to share their excitement. 


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