On July 11, ATEEZ released the first official trailer of their upcoming album THE WORLD EP.1 : MOVEMENT, followed by their second official trailer on July 13. Set to release on July 29, THE WORLD EP.1 : MOVEMENT was first introduced through ambiguous posters found by ATINY throughout South Korea in April. The trailer videos had not been expected to be released on July 11 or July 13, as ATEEZ’s comeback promotion map was marked with “?” on both dates. The posts on the group’s official Twitter included the YouTube link and the title of the video. 

A Perfect World

The first trailer is a mysterious yet alluring cinematic video that begins with the words “Chapter 1” and an AI voiceover. The voice speaks about a perfect world, created free of emotional behavior, by using repeated phrases such as “Don’t doubt yourself at all times.” As the AI voice speaks to a room of people seemingly hypnotized by its message, the trailer shifts to shots of the members hacking the system’s communication. The trailer as a whole is an exciting cinematic experience, reminiscent of dystopian films.

The second trailer continues the thrilling visual adventure into ATEEZ’s rebellion, beginning with the same instrumental used for their “ANSWER” music video and the words “Chapter 2.” This action-packed video goes deeper into the storyline of this perfect world being disrupted, alluring viewers into ATEEZ’s new concept. Electrified since the release, ATINY have taken to trending hashtags on Twitter such as #MOVEMENTwithATEEZ and #ATEEZTHEMOVEMENT

These trailers have been a part of a larger effort by ATEEZ in their comeback promotions. The upcoming album has been teased in various unique ways including QR posters linked to a video teaser and audio teasers written with the message “PROPAGANDA.” The promotion has shown that not only will this album be something unexpected, but it will also give ATEEZ the opportunity to set a spotlight on their newest journey.

The Beginning Of An Era

According to a July 4 post on the group’s fancafe, ATEEZ’s latest album will include a new logo and will be available in three versions, “A,” “Diary,” and “Z,” similar to the albums of the previous “FEVER” series. 

THE WORLD EP.1 : MOVEMENT is the first of the newest album seriesTHE WORLD,which comes off the heels of their “FEVER” series and debut “TREASURE” series.  This upcoming album will follow ATEEZ as they search for a new world that differs from the one they have previously known. ATEEZ is soon embarking on a discovery of nonconformity, and nothing can hold them back.

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