On June 16, KQ Entertainment’s eight-member boy group ATEEZ—consisting of members Seonghwa, Hongjoong, Yunho, Yeosang, San, Mingi, Wooyoung, and Jongho—are back with their latest mini-album THE WORLD EP. 2 : OUTLAW. The album contains seven tracks including the title, “BOUNCY (K-HOT CHILLI PEPPERS),” and its accompanying music video.

Slow it Down, Make it “BOUNCY”

“BOUNCY (K-HOT CHILLI PEPPERS),” is a loud and gritty hip-hop track with elements of dubstep. The title track is unlike any the group has released before, though it still maintains that unique ATEEZ sound. The group shows off their range as they sing about showing off their special sound with their vocalist, Seonghwa, rapping and main rapper, Hongjoong, singing a melodic rap in the chorus. The track is catchy, with an addictive chorus and flashy choreography to match. 

The music video embodies the vibe of the wild west with its dark members. The group is split off into four pairings, each with their own aesthetic, but working cohesively to propel their storyline. As part of their concept that began with THE WORLD EP. 1 : MOVEMENT, the members are still trying to dismantle the government that is controlling the fictitious dystopian world, World Z. The members are dressed as cowboys, boxers, police, and delivery boys on motorcycles in order to keep their cover before breaking into and destroying the Prestige Academy for the students of World Z. The music video feels like an old western movie with a mix of comedic elements, catching the eye of fans with its fast-paced scenes.

With “BOUNCY (K-HOT CHILLI PEPPERS),” the story of THE WORLD series is propelled forward, keeping Atiny, the group’s fandom, on the edge of their seats for what comes next.

Welcome to the OUTLAW

The album begins with the villainous intro track “This World.” The song has a menacing beat with a dubstep-like feel. In “This World,” the members discuss the necessity of becoming the villain if it means acquiring freedom for the people trapped. As their story progresses ATEEZ is willing to take any path necessary, becoming a part of the darkness in order to be freed from it. This sense of hopelessness can be felt in the lyrics as vocalists Yunho and Jongho assert “What can you sacrifice? Can I throw away everything? I’m ready for the dark, I’m ready for this world.”

Following “This World,” is the second track,“Dune.” “Dune” is a hip-hop track with traces of middle eastern influence and a taste of metal. The unique combination of genres creates an ominous song about feeling lost and in despair synonymous to that of an endless, blazing hot desert. This relationship between a desert and the metaphorical world they describe is further catapulted by the lyrics as main vocalist Jongho cries out, “I’m out of breath here every day, I can’t escape it.”

With “DJANGO,” ATEEZ created a hip-hop track with gentle and airy vocals yet powerful rap. The switch ups throughout the song keep the listener on their toes as the group talks about tracking down their enemies. Like the bloodthirsty fictional character, Django, ATEEZ stress that they have nothing to lose when it comes to achieving their goal as Yunho whispers, “I’m a lone gunman, bang, bang, bang, bang.”  

The fifth track “Wake Up” is entrancing, with a hypnotizing beat with elements of dubstep. The Korean title of “Wake Up” is “최면” meaning “hypnosis” and that is exactly the vibe the song maintains throughout. In their fictional world, World Z, the citizens are under control of the government, put under a trance they cannot escape from. In “Wake Up,” ATEEZ calls out to them, urging them to wake from their spell as Wooyoung delicately sings, “Hey, you can hear my voice, I know it. Let me take you there […] A place you’ve never seen so wake up.” 

Wrapping up the album is “Outlaw.” With a heavy bass adding to the hip-hop beat, “Outlaw” ends the album with a bang. It ends with the group reminding people not to underestimate them. Within them is a monster that will do anything to achieve their goal. The lyrics embody this pride in the final chorus when they state “You can’t handle it, game over […] That’s your big mistake, Better run ’cause I’m the outlaw.” In accordance with the story of the album, the members are fugitives that are good at what they do, correcting what is wrong with the government of World Z with finesse. 

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