BTS is taking over the world by storm. With eight years into their careers the seven-member group has become trendsetters in K-pop. As worldwide superstars and Grammy nominees, BTS has broken multiple records, won numerous awards, and achieved global recognition. So it does not come as a surprise that their hit track, Friends, from their 2020 album Map Of The Soul: 7 is being featured on the soundtrack for Marvel’s latest release, Eternals.

According to Marvel’s Direct and Korean Media, Walt Disney Company Korea confirmed on October 18 that BTS “Friends” is part of the upcoming soundtrack alongside tracks from artists like Lizzo, Pink Floyd, Skeeter Davis, Carl Perkins, and more. The song is going to be featured in a specific scene of the movie. 

Eternals, directed by Chloé Zhao, follows the story of the Eternals, an immortal alien race created by the Celestials who have lived secretly on earth for over a thousand years. After the events of the Avengers: Endgame (2019), the Eternals reunite to protect humanity from their long-time enemy, the Deviants. 

A Song About Memories 

“Friends” is a pop-rock track with a catchy and charming melody. The duet between BTS’ Jimin and V convey seven years of friendship, high school experiences, and their love for each other. With lyrics like “one day when this cheer dies down, (stay) / you are my soulmate /  for eternity, keep staying here, (stay) / longer than seven summers and cold winters,” the song conveys their wish to stay together for a long time. 

Jimin is among the track writers and producers, with other credits including Supreme Boi, Stella Jang, Pdogg, Martin Sjølie, and ADORA. When asked about the record back in November 2020, Jimin told Rolling Stones about how precious it was to reminisce old memories while writing the song.

“Our songwriting skills are still a bit rusty, so it took us a while to finish working on that song. However, it was an enjoyable experience for the both of us. We reminisced about old memories and included them one by one into the song to create a piece that is precious to us,” said Jimin.

Even though it remains unknown which specific scene the track is part of, it’s safe to say that having “Friends” on the soundtrack adds a fresh perspective to the movie as the story portrays a timeless relationship between the characters.

ARMY Takes Over Social Media

Upon the confirmation of the news, fans couldn’t hold their excitement and took on Twitter to express their support and anticipation.

BTS continues to add new achievements to their list, from becoming the first K-pop group to be nominated for a Grammy to reaching ten weeks at number one in the Billboard Hot 100 Chart with their single “Butter.” Now being part of a Marvel soundtrack, BTS keeps breaking records and cementing themselves as a globally acclaimed artist with every new step they take on. Fans cannot wait to see what’s next in store for the group. 

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