On November 7 at 6 PM KST, BTS vocalist Jin released “Yours” the main theme for tvN’s 15th-anniversary special drama Jirisan. Jin’s participation in the soundtrack was confirmed on October 25 by Korean Media alongside the final OST lineup, including other artists such as Taeyeon, Gaho, Jongwan Kim (NELL), and more. 


Jirisan is a mystery, thriller, and action drama that is currently airing on tvN. Set in the towering views of Mount Jiri, it tells the story of a group of ranger employees of the renowned Jirisan National Park. Among those rangers is the exceptional Seo Yi-Kang (Jun Ji Hyun) best known for her knowledge and experience navigating the mountain, and Kang Hyun-Jo, portrayed by Joo Ji Hoon, an ex-militia lieutenant who recently became a ranger after enduring a horrible accident on the mountain.

After mystical rumors of a threat begin surrounding the mountain’s unexplored regions, Yi-Kang and Hyun-Jo put their abilities to the test and set out to discover the mysterious secrets Mount Jiri holds. Will their skills be enough to survive the mountains? 

It remains unknown whether both rangers will find a way to unfold the secrets of Mount Jiri while also prioritizing the safety of both visitors and themselves. 


Yours” is a pop ballad track with a delicate harmony and a charming piano instrumental. The song was first teased at the end of episode five and in the preview for episode six, setting the tone for the rest of the drama. The lyrics convey the atmosphere of the story and the emotions of the main characters. Jin’s powerful vocals fit perfectly with the track’s soft melody as he sings, “Every day you seem so far away/every day I tell myself/ I am waiting for you here.” His unique voice adds a sense of a heavy heart to the song. 

Upon its release, Jin took to Weverse to share behind-the-scenes photos of the recording of the OST. 

Fan Reactions

After the release of “Yours,” fans could not contain their excitement and took to Twitter to express their support for the singer. 




Some ARMY even made artwork to go with the track.



“Yours” also rose to number one on iTunes in more than 80 countries

What’s Next?

While “Yours” is Jin’s first solo OST outside of BTS, it is not his first time working on a soundtrack for a drama. Back in 2016, he joined forces with fellow BTS member V on the track “It’s Definitely You” for the drama HWARANG. Nonetheless, he is not afraid of taking projects by himself, in 2019 Jin released his first solo song “Tonight” on Soundcloud in honor of the group’s Festa celebration, and for his birthday last year he dropped the melancholic track “Abyss”. 

“Yours” has become the newest addition to Jin’s catalog cementing him as a powerful vocalist among artists and even though it remains unknown when we are going to see another solo project from him, it’s safe to say that fans cannot wait to see what’s in store for the idol.  

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