Former Boys Planet contestant Cha Woongki was revealed to be taking up a main role in the upcoming fantasy Boys Love (BL) drama tentatively called Love Supremacy Zone. This is not his first role as he made his acting debut in 2007 with roles in hit dramas The King and I and Lee San

He made his K-pop debut in 2020 with the group TO1. After he left the group in 2022 he appeared on Mnet’s Boys Planet and ranked 20th in the competition. He recently left WAKEONE Entertainment and will be moving onto a new path with this upcoming drama. 

Love Supremacy Zone is the webtoon that inspired the BL web drama. The fantasy romance drama follows a young 19-year-old named Tae Myungha who is trapped inside a video game called Love Supremacy Zone. He receives a mission to make Cha Yeonwoon, a character in the game, happy. 

Alongside costars Lee Taevin, Cha Joowan, and Oh Minsoo, Cha Woongki will be playing the role of Ahn Kyunghun. This character is said to be an introverted and quiet character who is the friend of the main character, Ha Taemyung. 

Recently Woongki went onto Instagram Live and talked about his feelings on being in the BL drama and said, “I know there are a lot of people concerned about me being in the Drama, but I really like the character and the webtoon and I hope that you can enjoy it.” 

The release date for the drama is unknown, but filming seems to have started after a post on Woongki’s Instagram Story of a script with the title of the drama. 

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