6 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for K-pop Fans

By: Lynn Tran
Valentine's Gift K-pop Fans
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With Valentine’s Day arriving soon, it is time to start looking for the perfect gift for your loved ones. If there is a K-pop stan in your life that you will be showing love to this season – whether it be a partner, friend, or yourself – here are a few gift ideas!

Lego Flower Bouquet

Lego sets are loved by many, including various K-pop idols. During a Weverse Live, BTS’ Jimin built the Flower Bouquet set in particular. The set includes a variety of flowers and leaves that make for a beautiful addition as home decor. The Lego Flower Bouquet is a fun spin on the idea of giving flowers to your loved ones and offers a great way to spend quality time together. The set is a great gift for anyone who enjoys spending time on a creative project, and especially for fans who associate the bouquet with Jimin!

Flower Bouquet

Clear Toploaders

Toploaders are a necessity for any photocard collector because it provides a level of protection for the cards. Clear toploaders have become popular among the toploader decorating community because they lack the blue tint that regular toploaders have, making the image come through more crystal-clear. If your loved one is a photocard collector, then these toploaders are a great gift to add to their supply set. You can also include some decorative stickers to the gift and decorate toploaders together, turning it into another fun activity!

Photocard Stickers

Sanrio Stacking Containers

Sanrio stacking containers are a practical gift for someone looking to optimize their space. These storage organizers are offered in multiple character options – including Hello Kitty, My Melody, and Kuromi – and are designed to be stacked on top of each other. They can hold makeup or any small desk essentials without taking up too much table room. These stacking containers also double as desk decor and feature a small compartment that a K-pop fan would be able to use to display their favorite photocard. 

Stacking Containers

Glitter Eyeshadow

Glitter has been a popular inclusion across many K-pop makeup looks and the teardrop liner has been one of the notable makeup trends in the past year. The Flynn Lightcatcher Liquid Glitter is a great gift for anyone looking to recreate these idol-inspired makeup looks. The liquid glitter incorporates micro and chunky shimmers and has an applicator that is convenient to use, especially for under-eye placement. 

Lightcatcher Liquid Glitter

The Rom&nd Better than Palette in “Light and Glitter Garden” is another great makeup product that offers various colors and types of long-lasting shimmers. With a selection of glitters to choose from, a variety of looks can be done with this palette. If your Valentine is a fan of makeup, then these glitter eyeshadows are the perfect gift for their idol-inspired looks or as an everyday makeup essential.

Better than Palette

OHTNYC Accessories

With jewelry being a classic Valentine’s Day gift idea, OHTNYC is the best place to get your Valentine some new accessories! OHTNYC is a genderless accessory and clothing brand with innovative designs that add a bold statement to any look. The brand has been worn by many K-pop idols and celebrities. The Shibari Bear Choker is a popular item that’s been worn by a number of idols, including G-IDLE’s Minnie, Dreamcatcher’s SuA, aespa’s Winter, and LE SSERAFIM’s Eunchae. The necklace incorporates multiple chains that bound a bear pendant and makes for a unique addition to an outfit. 

Shibari Bear Choker

Alternatively, the Heart Affinity Necklace, as seen on IVE’s Wonyoung, is a multi-chain necklace that includes heart-shaped chain links and a heart pendant that fits the season of love. OHTNYC offers unique designs if you’re looking to gift your Valentine jewelry, and a way to buy them something to match their favorite idols!

Heart Affinity Necklace

Bias-Themed Plushie

Stuffed animals are a cute, comforting gift for anyone and what way to make it better than to customize it based on their K-pop bias? Build-A-Bear has a wide selection of stuffed animals that you can customize with clothing and accessories to resemble your loved one’s favorite idol. You can select any teddy bear or choose a stuffed animal based on the idol’s representative animal since many idols have emojis or animals they are referred to by fans. For example, a frog plushie would be perfect for fans of SEVENTEEN’s THE8. Build-A-Bear also offers a feature where you can add a personalized voice message, which you can use to add a short recording of their bias’ voice or laugh. Bias-themed plushies are a creative, customizable gift that will remind your Valentine of their favorite K-pop idol and you!


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♬ Candy – NCT DREAM

There are a variety of gifts that you could get for the K-pop stan in your life, and it all comes down to what their interests are. Whether you decide to get them a new essential to their makeup collection or an activity you can work on together, the thought behind it demonstrates a token of love that they will appreciate. 

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