On September 3, DPR LIVE and DPR IAN with peace released “Diamond + and Pearls” as a part of Marvel’s Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings tracklist. The release came soon after DPR formally announced the news on social media on September 2.


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Speculation about the two major powerhouses working on a project started a few days prior when DPR’s infamous spoiler king, DPR REM, teased the upcoming song through a multitude of tweets. 


Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings


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Marvel Studios’ much-awaited release of this year is not only a significant movie in Marvel’s multiverse but also for Asian history. Played by Simu Liu, the titular character Shang-Chi highlights an Asian superhero, a first for Marvel. The cast as well as those behind the camera, also include numerous people of Asian descent.  Moreover, ComicBook noted that the movie is the first to be a part of Phase 4 and set in the post-Avengers: Endgame era of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


“Diamond + and Pearls”

The track, produced by Justice, is reminiscent of the 70s’ rock era, utilizing a fusion of rock and pop music. The acapella-like layered voices in the introduction of the song give it an opulent auditory experience. The song is characterized by DPR LIVE’s quintessential taglines, “Coming To You Live” and “IITE COOL.” In line with one of the hints dropped, the lyrics “Diamond, tea, pearls” echo throughout the song. The instrumentals define the song, complimenting the strong vocals. Sean Miyashiro, Founder of 88rising, spoke about DPR LIVE and DPR IAN to New York Times as the “two of the most exciting artists coming from Korean R&B.”


The Album

The album was produced by 88rising. They worked on creating a bridge between Marvel and a plurality of artists of Asian descent. 88rising is described by the founder as a “hybrid management, record label, video production, and marketing company.”​ The company has helped many Asian artists find success in the western music scene. Marvel stated, “Working in close collaboration with Shang-Chi director Destin Daniel Cretton, 88rising executive produced the historic music project, showing the next generation of Asian artists from around the world.” 

The album rather than being a supplementary aspect to the film is an integral part. The Director of the movie, Destin Daniel Cretton, said, “The music on this album is the beating heart of our film. As we were editing Shang-Chi, we were constantly inspired by the early recordings coming in from these incredible musicians.” Much like Marvel Studios’ Black Panther—that featured Black artists like Kendrick Lamar and heavily focused on hip-hop—the album is a homage to Asian artistry. It features a list of talented pan Asian artists like Rich Brian, NIKI, Mark Tuan of GOT7, and Zion. T to name a few.


Dream Come True

Just as it feels like a dream to DPR, fans of the extraordinary group feel the same. They celebrated their favorite’s success by sharing their unalloyed emotions—and memes—on Twitter.

Fans shared their hilarious reactions to DPR REM AND DPR IAN tagging wrong Twitter accounts.



What’s Next for DPR?

As DPR REM says “it’s only the beginning,” the multi-hyphenated group has consistently delivered art with each release. 

Marvel and DPR seem like a match made in heaven. Analogous to Marvel, DPR has begun to create their cinematic universe. DPR’s iteration of a multiverse includes enigmatic characters framed with flaws like MITO. DPR’s work includes intricate stories, woven together, leading fans to theorize. 

The characters often include aspects of the members themselves, portrayed through the lens of DPR IAN, ergo forming a connection with the fans. The complexity of these characters—humanizing them—makes the experience all the more interesting.

As DPR continues to build their cinematic universe, fans hope—and speculate—future collaborations between the two multiverses. With Marvel officially in their portfolio of collaborators, this speculation doesn’t seem too far. DPR REM in an interview with Femina said, “Given that for us, branding is a huge thing, I don’t like to be very lightly paired with anybody. I like to believe in the values, the principles that each brand holds. If they do match, that’s the only time I’ll really consider something.” 

DPR’s work emanates their talent. As the crew continues to create art, fans around the globe are already excited about their next adventure.


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