On June 28 at 12AM KST, NCT’s Taeyong released “Swimming Pool.” The first teasers for the song featured images of Taeyong sitting on amusement park rides and broken furniture. “Swimming Pool” is Taeyong’s eighth SoundCloud song and provides a fresh sound to his already versatile catalogue. 


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“Swimming Pool” steps away from the genres that Taeyong has already dipped his hands in. Diving into Drum and Bass, the song shows his ability to venture into new creative paths. Drum and Bass is an electronic style of music that utilizes breakbeats, synths, and lines. Having roots in the UK, the genre incorporates elements from Hip-Hop, Dancehall, and Reggae. 

Creating an atmosphere for listeners, Taeyong sets the stage and opens the song with the sound of someone splashing into a pool. Shortly after, he gently says. “What am I?” The production on the song is emotional yet atmospheric. The first verse starts off with Taeyong rapping as the synths ascend in pitch, and a slow build-up in the pre-chorus contrasts well with the fast past chorus. The beat drop showcases Taeyong and Zayson Wong’s musical skill and talents for Drum and Bass. 

As Taeyong drags out his letters while singing, the beat and vocals are chopped. Taeyong’s knack for experimentation allows him to flex his skills as a composer and artist. 



“Swimming Pool” explores the intimate and visceral feelings Taeyong has gone through during his early career. Writing about feelings of emptiness and exhaustion, he makes analogies to fully realize his own emotions. 

In a vlog on the official NCT YouTube channel, Taeyong also took fans through his creative processes when coming up with concepts for his music. Making sure that he is cognizant of aesthetics, teasers, and marketing, he takes full authority over his work.



Taeyong’s fans couldn’t get enough of the new release, with many showing their love on social media. 


Showered with love for the song, Taeyong reciprocated his love to fans by sharing fanart made by @akairingo06 on instagram stories. With an already strong catalogue of music, Taeyong’s future as a visionary and musician is bright! 

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