Congratulations are in order for Dreamcatcher! Five years after their debut, the seven-member girl group achieved their first win with their latest title track, “MAISON.” The group received 6545 points on MBC’s Show Champion on April 20, the highest amount among other groups also nominated.

Dreamcatcher Express Their Gratitude

The seven members accepted the award on the Show Champion stage and delivered a teary-eyed speech to their fans, InSomnia. Jiu, the leader of the group, expressed her appreciation in her speech, “Thank you to my members and thank you to Sominas for supporting us.” The members were understandably emotional after earning a well-deserved first win after five years of hard work.

Though member Handong ran out of time on stage, she expressed her gratitude during the group’s VLive after their win. She shared that she had been planning a Chinese thank you speech for four years and added, “Thank you Somnia for never giving up.” This is a testament to the support of the fans. Over many years, InSomnia have voted for Dreamcatcher and streamed their music in order to secure a win for the group.

Dreamcatcher also took to Twitter to share their delight, “Omg I can’t believe that we won our first medal,” one tweet included.

InSomnia Celebration

The Show Champion award was also a dream come true for InSomnia. The fans showed their excitement for the win and their love for Dreamcatcher across social media. 

The Only Way Is Up

The latest comeback has shown the growth of the group as they broke many of their previous records. “MAISON” debuted at 10 on the Bugs Weekly Chart making it the group’s highest-ranking song on a Korean weekly chart. 

Their latest album which included “MAISON,” Apocalypse: Save us, was also a great success for Dreamcatcher. The group achieved their highest first-week sales of 85,123 for this album. 

The album also debuted at number one on the US iTunes Album Chart. They are the first Korean girl group to reach this position in 2022 which shows Dreamcatcher’s global success. 

Dreamcatcher have the chance to earn further wins on music shows during the next couple of weeks, including The Show on May 26. However, one thing for certain is that Dreamcatcher and InSomnia will never forget the joy of their first win.

Listen to “MAISON” on Spotify. To keep updated with Dreamcatcher follow their Instagram account.

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