All you need is love, but a little bit of chocolate and a playlist full of love songs doesn’t hurt. In the EnVi Rotation music series, we provide a thematic playlist guaranteed to add a little spice to your life. This Valentine’s Day day, EnVi is here to help set the romantic mood for you and your loved ones. From serenades that make you sway to innocent narratives which make your heart squeeze, EnVi recommends the best love songs across the Asian diaspora that will make you believe in true love.

Yerin Baek – “Square (2017)”

Valentine’s Day calls for a full day of love, and there can’t be love without Korean singer songwriter Yerin Baek love without having Korean singer-songwriter Yerin Baek in your romantic rotation! Well-known for her genius in the world of R&B and soul music, Yerin connects with listeners across the globe through music that embodies love, hope, and raw emotions. Yerin displays her vulnerability towards love in her first studio album Every letter I sent you, which contains “Square (2017).” On “Square (2017),” Yerin sings of finding comfort in her lover between her hardships, weaknesses, and flaws. Despite the language barrier, the artist is able to provide warmth in this nostalgia-inducing song. With its old school pop acoustics and hints of rock, “Square (2017)” is the perfect soundtrack for rocking the night away in the arms of your precious somebody.

Tanizawa Tomofumi – “From Me To You”

If you’re an avid consumer of anime and a fan of its romance genre, then it comes as no surprise that Japanese singer-songwriter Tanizawa Tomofumi’s popular single “From Me To You” would be added to EnVi’s Valentine’s Day rotation. Initially released in 2009, “From Me To You” had listeners skipping in glee with his refreshing lyrics and poppy up-beat instrumentals. This track was the first opening theme song for the hit romance animated series “From Me To You,” aligning the song’s theme and the show’s message of wanting to connect one’s innocent feelings with their special someone. Experience Tanizawa’s dreamlike romance with the precious refrain of first love in “From Me To You.”

Zack Tabudlo – “Habang Buhay”

Filipino singer-songwriter Zack Tabudlo is no stranger to romance. Owning the alt-pop and R&B scene, this self-producing artist captures the hearts of listeners through his odes to love. Released in 2021 and accumulating over 142 million Spotify streams, “Habang Buhay” tells the tale of ageless love. This Original Pilipino Music (OPM)-inspired track crafts an authentic retro-pop tune about the true meaning of habang buhay: forever love. The music video stars YouTube celebrity couple Cong Velasquez and Viy Cortez, who act out mundane yet entertaining day-to-day activities while showing off their affection for one another. Share this sweet track with your habang buhay on this special day!

AMEE – “từ thích thích thành thương thương”

Vietnamese singers AMEE and Hoàng Dũng know a few things about the chaotic feeling of love, and in their collaborative song, “từ thích thích thành thương thương,” listeners witness unspoken words held in this requited love. Acting as the fifth track on the dreAMEE (acoustic) album, “từ thích thích thành thương thương” touches on the development from having crush to falling in love. The two artists describe a love so natural, yet so intimidating, wishing to confess their own feelings and discover those of the other. Like the album’s title, the song adopts a gentle acoustic and light wind instrument, complimenting the endearing lyricism and softness portrayed in the artists’ tone in a way that successfully immerses listeners in this small moment of love and innocence.

tanny ng (ft. kinu, wilngu) – “two of us”

When you think of love, you can’t help thinking of its versatile character. For Vietnamese artist tanny ng, love appears in various faces in his intimate exploration through his personal album affection’s blind. For this playlist, EnVi picked his sentimental collaboration track “two of us” featuring soloist kinu and guitarist wilngu. Tanny combines a soulful melody with his vivid lyricism, creating a moment of joyful love between two lovers’ innermost emotions. Through this R&B track, listeners are offered a sappy and vulnerable narrative of passionate love, endeared yet feared. One thing you can do before the inevitable happens is listen to a song that reminds you about you and your special somebody.

rhyu – “Kaleidoscope” 

Have butterflies in your stomach? Feel giddy every time they walk by? Indie-pop rhyu (short for Raine Hahn Yu) from Singapore has just the number for you this season. Dedicated to those in love and crushing in secret, “Kaleidoscopeexpresses the skittish feeling in your stomach whenever that special someone passes by and the longing to confess, but being too nervous to do so. Rhyu cleverly makes a reference to a group of butterflies, a “kaleidoscope,” a play on words capturing the essence and excitement of being infatuated. From the rhythmic wood congo percussion and suave piano playing to the sexy acoustic and backing vocals, rhyu entrances listeners with a story of passion and desire.

sunkis – “trust me”

Slow the rotation down and soften it with Taiwanese American singer sunkis’s tender serenade “trust me.” Despite being under three minutes, “trust me” captivates listeners with the addicting acoustic bass notes and plucking chords, in pair with the artist’s serene vocals. Sunkis pleads his strong desire for trust on both ends, painting his own fear of being misunderstood and sincerity towards his significant other. Composed and choreographed by sunkis, the music video shows the artist blindfolded with his hands tied together, symbolizing the vulnerability and unwavering loyalty for the relationship he so cherishes. Learn to believe in true love as you listen along to sunkis’s sincere declaration of affection.

Raveena – “Honey” 

Indian Punjabi American artist Raveena makes you feel her intoxicating longing for love as sweet as milk and honey in her 2018 single “Honey.” Setting a dreamy atmosphere that’s light, soft, and laced with a dash of sultry,the artist illustrates the pleasure she holds for her lover and notes the graceful love within the relationship, as addicting and flavorful as honey. A whimsical soundscape is created with the track’s light percussion and slow, groovy bass lines. Leaving her footprint through her captivating visual journey, Raveena showcases a vintage music video set complete with a diverse cast, embracing her culture and heritage. Feel warm and lovely with your honey this Valentine’s Day with Raveena’s smooth tune.

HYBS – “Tip Toe” 

If you’re feeling the mood, keep the soul-touching flowing with Thai dream-pop duo HYBS (Have you been shrimp?) in their hit single “Tip Toe.” True to their sound and simple goal of emitting good vibes through their music, Alyn and Karn established a wistful soundscape through the song’s fluid melody and groovy neo-soul themes. Equipped with the duo’s well-known fusion of R&B and pop, this doting single highlights being head over heels with someone and the strong infatuation felt for a lover. The relatable lyrics and soulful sound welcome listeners to tiptoe to the moon alongside HYBS, just like a movie scene.

babychair – “Oh It’s You”

There’s no better way to end our romantic reflections than with a charming love song! Submerged in a daydream, Malaysian band babychair takes listeners on an exciting journey full of love and admiration in their beloved single “Oh It’s you.” Babychair vocalize their true love for a special someone, describing their destined fate to be together and the ease that comes along with their love.The official lyric video features white lyrics in hand-drawn font softly popping and puffing on the screen while three pink characters (posing as the three band members) bounce to the gentle melody across varying terrains. Celebrate the gift of true love and joy of spending life alongside your loved one with babychair’s heartfelt confession.

Other tracks featured in our Valentine’s Day playlist include “With You” by Young K, “my type” by brb., “Just Sayin’” by H 3 F, and many more. Follow us on Spotify, and check out our playlist, curated by Team EnVi, just for you! 

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