On November 14, girl group EVERGLOW announced that they would be “coming soon” with the release of their 3rd mini album, Return of the Girl. Known for their powerful title tracks and bold, edgy, and unapologetically feminine concepts, EVERGLOW promises to keep to those standards in Return of the Girl.

Starting from November 17, EVERGLOW has been releasing a variety of teasers for Return of The Girl. These teasers include concept videos, concept photos, a music video teaser, a highlight medley, and a V Live teaser. Here is a recap of everything you need to know for EVERGLOW’s comeback! 

Glamorous in Space 

EVERGLOW started the two weeks of teasers, with the release of concept videos and photos. Released across three days, the concept videos and photos of Return of the Girl feature the six members taking their feminine edginess and lush glam to space. The members wear dresses, glittery makeup, heels, and plenty of bedazzled accessories on a deserted planet land in the interior of a spacecraft. 

The first batch of images dropped on November 17 with members E:U, Sihyeon, and Onda. 

The members are seen sporting two different looks, glamorous and enchanting outfits, and more casual and edgy outfits. E:U contrasts her white puffy princess-like dress with jeans and a cropped leather top with flames. Sihyeon exchanges her elegant femme-fatale dress for ripped tights and leather shorts. Meanwhile, Onda switches her ruffled dress and tiara for bubble braids and an unconventional blue and white corset. 

On November 18 the teasers for members Mia, Aisha, and Yiren were released. Continuing the theme of the contrasting outfits, Mia trades her glittery mini dress and pearl necklaces for an outfit with a long-sleeved leather top matched with a flames corset. Aisha who sports an edgier corset dress with thigh-high boots is also seen in a tie-dyed crop top. While Yiren’s dramatic fluffy pink dress matched with a wide brim black hat is contrasted with a lighter outfit in a fluorescent green top. 

On November 19, the group versions of the visual concept trailer and photos were released.

The group images solidify the space theme, as the desolated planet landscape is now accompanied by asteroids, a planet, and a spacecraft in the background. In black outfits with harnesses and defiant poses, EVERGLOW embodies the futuristic space pirates they have been channeling. 

Teasing the Sound

In addition to the dreamy visual teasers, EVERGLOW also teased the sound of Return of the Girl through the release of a tracklist, a music video teaser, a highlight medley, and a choreography preview!

On November 22, at 1 AM KST, it was revealed that Return of the Girl will have five new songs titled, “Back Together,” “Pirate,” “Don’t Speak,” “Nighty Night,” and “Company.”

On November 25, at 7 PM KST, the music video teaser for the title track “Pirate” was unveiled. The sixteen-second teaser continues the glamorous and chic theme seen in the concept videos and photos. As a repetitive beat lingers in the background, viewers get to see more of EVERGLOW posing on motorcycles in a rocky and desolated planet landscape.

On November 26 at 6 PM KST, the highlight medley was released. The highlight medley revealed a ballad as the opening track in “Back Together,” an edgy and catchy sound for the title track “Pirate,” and a more upbeat and cheerful beat for “Nighty Night.” The highlight medley promises Return of the Girl will add a variety of tracks to EVERGLOW’s already dazzling discography. 

On November 29, 6 PM KST, using the same part of the song as the lyric moving poster, a dance performance preview was released. The preview shows EVERGLOW members dancing in the already familiar spacecraft to what may become the killer part of “Pirate.” 

Innovative Marketing

EVERGLOW has also released some fun and innovative marketing for Return of the Girl. 

On November 23, four different mobile posters alluding to the space concept were released. With these lovely backgrounds designed for Android and IOS phone users, EVERGLOW fans can show their love for Return of the Girl

On November 27, 6 PM KST a lyric moving poster was posted. The lyric poster states “Cause I’m a pirate yeah yeah/A pirate yeah yeah” 

Countdown to D-Day 

On November 29, at 11:30 PM KST, the EVERGLOW members went on an album spoiler VLive. In the V Live, the members gave sneak peeks of their favorite photos and features from both versions of the album. The members also watched the concept videos, teased a fragment of “Pirate,”  watched the highlight medley which they cheerfully sang along to, and even spoiled part of the choreography for the b-side “Don’t Stop.” 

After the V Live came to an end, EVERGLOW released one of the final teasers, a countdown poster. 

FOREVERs Show Excitement

EVERGLOW fans, FOREVERs have taken to social media to show their excitement for the looks, tracks, and choreography of Return of The Girl! 


Return of the Girl and “Pirate” music video come out December 1 at 6 PM KST, followed by a showcase. 

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Thumbnail courtesy of Yuehua Entertainment.