It’s that time of the week, yet again, that makes you want to shout, “TGIFYF!” In EnVi’s latest installment of For You Friday, our music team has curated the hottest hits of the week to usher in the weekend. From tracks that make you want to party to a nice slow jam to vibe out to, we’ve got you covered. Turn up your speakers and check out this week’s playlist! 

Daddy (feat. Sexyy Red) – Tokischa

Missing the summer vibe in these cold winter months? No worries, Dominican rapper and songwriter, Tokischa, is here to warm you up. On December 5, Tokischa teamed up with rapper Sexyy Red to release the ballroom-vogue, dembow track, “Daddy.” (The music video came a few days later on December 8.) The genre is something neither rapper has tried before, but they performed it with ease. Singing from – and to – the perspective of a domineering male lover in a party atmosphere, Tokischa and Sexyy Red’s verses compliment each other as they speak about why they’re such desirable women. The music video compliments the vibe, with the eclectic energy of both artists evident throughout. From the flashy, vivid visuals to the vogue-session at the end of the video, “Daddy” is an addictive track anyone would catch themselves singing along to.

Hailing from the Dominican Republic, Tokischa first stepped into stardom in 2018 with her debut single “Pícala.” Although she only has five years under her belt, the 27-year-old has made it clear that her craft is a force to be reckoned with. From working alongside artists like Madonna and Rosalía to breaking the mold with her bold lyrics, Tokischa has lived up to her title as the “Princess of Dembow.” If you’re ever in the mood for something daring and catchy, look no further.

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天堂與泥土 (Heaven and Dirt) – deca joins 

Taiwanese rock band deca joins is back with their Undercurrent EP, which features four new songs. Undercurrent came out officially on December 12, but the pre-release features two songs, “Heaven and Dirt” and “Undercurrent.” The former is the EP’s third song and happens to be the perfect slow winter jam. The soft guitar strums and incremental note ascensions inject the song with a bit of anticipation to keep you on your toes for what’s next, but still maintains a relaxed rhythm. The juxtaposition is akin to waking up on a cold winter day, when a dreary cold seeps into your bones but the bits of sun peeking out from the sky are enough to get you going. 

Based in Taiwan, the band deca joins formed in 2013 as a college band. Throughout the years, they have had name changes and member rotations, but the consistency of their music is something to appreciate. This year they wrapped up their first “Reverie’s edge” world tour, where they hit the states, Japan, Malaysia, and Australia. If you want to learn more, check out EnVi’s Now Playing column that dove into one of the band’s most popular songs, “Wave.” 

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Lowkey – BM of KARD

South Korean American rapper, songwriter, and composer, BM – or Big Matthew – of KARD released his third digital single, “Lowkey,” on December 7. The single consists of two tracks, including the eponymous title song, “Lowkey.” “Lowkey” is a sexy, afrobeat track, a genre that suits the artist well. BM is no stranger to shocking his fans with his racy lyrics, and this release is no different. BM seductively raps about a lover he met at a club that he had instant chemistry with and seeks to take their encounter to a more exclusive area that is “Lowkey.” 

The music video reflects the vibe of the lyrics, with BM clad in nothing but a heavy jacket and jeans in some shots and a form fitting tank top in others. The sparse backdrop of the video draws the attention to his visuals as he sings and dances with a woman lustfully throughout. All around, “Lowkey” is for the dancehall lovers in the mood for a slow jam. 

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Pink Friday 2 – Nicki Minaj


♬ Big Difference – Nicki Minaj

If you are a Barb, the line “high heels on my tippies” has likely been stuck in your head all week. Trinidadian rapper Nicki Minaj released her album Pink Friday 2 on December 8, serving as a sequel to her iconic first album Pink Friday. The album contains several features, including Drake in “Needle,” Future in “Nicki Hendrix,” and Lil Uzi Vert in “Everybody.” Thirteen years  since Pink Friday dropped in 2010, Pink Friday 2 revisits Minaj’s playful pop sound with a plethora of samples, such as Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” and Blondie’s “Heart of Glass.” Apart from pop, Minaj explores a variety of different hip-hop, R&B, and Jersey club beats in this album. With an impressive total of 22 tracks, Minaj gives a taste of something for everyone, leaving Barbz pumped for her upcoming tour in 2024.

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Not My Fault – Reneé Rapp and Megan Thee Stallion

The mean girls are back, and this time it’s a musical. Our new Regina George, Reneé Rapp, teamed up with Megan Thee Stallion for a new it girl anthem titled “Not My Fault.” Fresh and cocky lyrics read, “It’s not my fault that you are like in love with me,” a quote from the script of the original movie. The song released on December 15 is part of the soundtrack of the remake. 

2023 was definitely the year for Reneé, who released her debut album Snow Angel in August, and caught eyes. The album is considered to be one of the biggest solo debuts this year, hugging over four million monthly listeners on Spotify.

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“UFHO” – Flyanna Boss

Step into the celestial realm of rap with Flyana Boss’ latest release, “UFHO.” The dynamic hip-hop duo, featuring cosmic queens Bobbi and Folayan, takes listeners on a sonic journey fueled by bold lyrics, futuristic beats, and high-energy flow. The ethereal UFO sound heard throughout the track immerses fans into a world where extraterrestrial vibes meet unapologetic charisma. When Folayan confidently raps, “I’ma show you somethin’ you ain’t never seen, when I touch down, I’ma be your queen,” the track unfolds as a coronation, inviting fans to witness the rise of a supernatural sovereign in the rap universe. In the chorus, the duo declares their unique status as “unidentified fly-ass hos,” solidifying “UFHO” as an anthem celebrating individuality and self-confidence while transporting listeners to a dimension where self-expression reigns supreme.

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“Not An Angel” – Tems 

Looking for a calm song to get you through the end of the year? Nigerian singer-songwriter Tems is here to fulfill that need with her new song “Not An Angel,” which was released on December 8. She participated in the making of the track with producer Sarz. The soft tempo and relatable lyrics pulls you into the story, as she talks about not living up to the expectations of a loved one and redefining the things that she needs to live a better life. She writes, “‘I was a loner when I was with you / I would’ve given myself for you / Now I’m changin’ over / I’m movin’ on now.” Tems has made big moves not only in the Nigerian music scene, but worldwide, following “Essence,” her hit with Wizkid. Tems’ unique and entrancing vocals bring a new light to music, and we can’t wait to see it shine more in future release

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Other tracks in this week’s For Your Friday playlist include “Dear.” by THE BOYZ, “BELLAKEO” by Peso Pluma and Anitta, and “Sorry for my late reply” by MEMI. Listen to everything mentioned and more, curated by Team EnVi only for you.

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