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Welcome back to the latest installment of EnVi’s For You Friday series, where we give you the scoop on this week’s latest hits. Oh, and make sure to listen along to our specially curated playlist Team EnVi has whipped up for you too!

“Pop Punk” – BIGONE (feat. Dive and DOHANSE)

South Korean rappers BIGONE, Dive, and DOHANSE have come together to dish out an energetic pop-punk hit. Each of these artists have previously shown their love for the non-conforming genre, so it is no surprise they have now concocted a new track influenced by it. BIGONE and Dive have previously collaborated with each other on multiple tracks, but the release of “Pop Punk” marks DOHANSE’s first feature as a newly signed artist to The Dial Music label. 

Channeling the classic sound of early ‘00’s pop-punk, the single is full of strummy guitars and a steady drumbeat. However, BIGONE, Dive, and DOHANSE each take turns showcasing their individual take on the pop-punk style throughout the song with their own verses. Despite primarily rapping throughout their careers, they utilize “Pop Punk” to showcase their vocal abilities as well. The trio has an undeniable chemistry that leaves listeners wanting more projects from them.

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“Kiss A Stranger” – Miranda Joan

Canadian-born singer-songwriter Miranda Joan takes us back to the achingly painful yearning for human connection that overtook the world in 2020 with her latest single, “Kiss A Stranger.” After leaving New York to move back home, she found herself going stir-crazy in the studio just above the garage at her mother’s house. Joan transposed her thoughts into her own music and lyrics, resulting in a track encompassing the simple joys of meeting someone brand new.

“Kiss A Stranger” is a unique blend of soul and pop, ultimately highlighting Joan’s intense vocal power. Utilizing her voice as the instrument it is, the track is filled with runs and adlibs that bring a splash of color that only Joan could add. Expressing her desire for an emotional and physical connection, she sings, “I wanna go out and live / I have been waiting for a moment to kiss a stranger.” 

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“Girls’ Capitalism” – tripleS LOVElution

Want a feel good track for the end of summer? Look no further than MODHAUS’ K-pop girl group, tripleS, who came back on August 17 with the debut of their latest subunit – LOVElution. The subunit – made up of members Xinyu, Sohyun, Dahyun, Nien, Seoyeon, Yubin, Kaede and Hyerin – debuted with their EP LOVElution <ↀ> and consists eight tracks, including “Girls’ Capitalism.”

“Girls’ Capitalism” is a funky, empowering pop track, with an addictive chorus that is easy to sing along to. The song delivers the message of using one’s self love as a form of currency and,  much like an economic system, this private ownership of your own happiness is how you make profit. The group sings sweetly about putting themselves first in order to find joy mirrored seamlessly by the music video’s visuals. The girls are shown using money to wipe their tears while the rules of their fictitious club flash across the screen. They remind viewers to “dance when you feel ugly” and to “just be(you)tiful,” and express the importance of self-confidence as they sing “Gonna love myself in the mirror, I’m beautiful, love me better.”   

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“Cerquita De Ti” – RBD

The iconic Latin pop group RBD is back with their first new song since the announcement of their reunion tour. After breaking the internet with the news of their #SoyRebeldeTour in January, fans are finally getting a taste of what’s in store for the group going forward. 

“Cerquita De Ti”  is a sentimental song with a nostalgic vibe detailing the message that no matter how far apart RBD might be from fans or from each other, they will always be connected. Just the right message for the millions of fans who have waited 15 years to see the group reunite, and will no doubt shed tears hearing it performed live.

RBD’s highly-anticipated Soy Rebelde Tour kicks off August 25 in El Paso, Texas.

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“Bubble” – STAYC

Looking for an instant boost of serotonin? STAYC returned with their third mini album, TEENFRESH, jam packed with upbeat tunes for the summer season. TEENFRESH is also the title of STAYC’s first ever world-tour junket, set to begin next month starting in Seoul. Known for their cheery songs with lyricism of support and comfort for the youth, STAYC carries this image into their newest release.

The title track, “Bubble,” showcases STAYC’s signature, refreshing sound with strong pop elements. The introduction’s bright, orchestral strings paired with the starting image of a princess-like castle in the music video gives the impression of a bubbly fantasy escape. STAYC sings about wanting to break free from the bubble created by society, and choosing to unapologetically be themselves: “They say I do what I want sometimes I seem reckless / So what, whatever I do I will never change.” If you can’t get enough of this infectious track, TEENFRESH also features an English version alongside a sped-up version

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“Try” – BRIGHT feat. MATCHA

Thai superstar Bright Vachirawit joined forces with Thai-Swiss sensation MATCHA for a late summer release. Titled “Try,” the R&B-infused track was produced by Achariya Dulyapaiboon and Chonlatas Chansiri and belongs to Bright’s upcoming first mini-album Adolescent. The song tells the story of an ill-fated relationship that keeps failing despite the singers’ best efforts — hence the title. Bolstered by subtle trap beats, MATCHA and Bright’s silky harmonies blend seamlessly in the sultry release that marks the stars’ first official collaboration. 

In the accompanying music video, Bright and MATCHA paint the picture of an unhealthy love affair, drawing upon cinematographic and symbolic elements. “No matter how I try / Drowning in the darkest night / I still wonder why / We found only pain inside,” the duet sings about the pain of holding onto a broken relationship. Bright and MATCHA showcase their best acting chops portraying a toxic relationship that ultimately seems to reach finale as the video comes to an end. 

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“Tenemos Que Hablar” – Danna Paola

Mexican superstar singer and actress Danna Paola released “Tenemos Que Hablar” right before her first US tour started last week and it has since become a fan favorite. Already boasting nearly 5M listens on Spotify, the song is perfect for the late summer season. Although the lyrics tell the story of a relationship on its last legs and the conversation needed to end it once and for all, the underlying track gives it an upbeat feel that can easily be inserted into a teen drama montage scene. 

The creepy and ominous cinematic style music video shows Danna growing out of her old skin, figuratively of course, not literally. Now that she’s kicking off a new milestone in her career, the music video helps visualize her transition. In a few scenes she sits in a theater alone watching a play of her past life as she says goodbye to her previous self and welcomes this new moment in her career with open arms.

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Other tracks in this week’s For Your Friday playlist include FIFTY FIFTY’s “Cupid Twin Ver” featuring  Sabrina Carpenter, viral TikTok song “Lil Boo Thang” by Paul Russell, and Reneé Rapp’s “Pretty Girls.” Listen to everything mentioned and more curated by Team EnVi only for you.
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