On February 11, five months after the brand’s last Fashion Week showing, Snow Xue Gao returned to Bowery Street to present her Fall Winter 2023 collection. In classic Snow Xue Gao fashion, the collection brought life to the cold streets of downtown New York with its myriad colors and patterns.

The Collection

Inspired by the feminist movements of the 1960s and bold women of the past, Snow Xue Gao’s FW23 collection walks the line between a traditional feminine aesthetic and that of the 21st-century woman. As an amalgam of decades of trends sported by trailblazing women, the collection communicates a continued urge for empowerment. 

Thick, plaid trench coats and tailored trousers complement playful miniskirts, mid-length dresses contrast with peasant sleeve crop tops, and slouched silhouettes accompany sharp geometric cuts. It’s a collection that speaks to an intergenerational consumer base, reflecting the range of fashion enjoyed by Gen-Z, millennials, and Gen-X.

Photographed by Ni Ouyang @rotten_avocadoo. All images courtesy of Snow Xue Gao.

Whereas Snow’s previous collection brought the essence of the spring and summer seasons to life, her Fall Winter 2023 line reimagines the colder months in a welcoming manner. Compared to the emphasis on intense color palettes last season, this line introduces several pieces in neutral shades interspersed among deep reds and light pastels. 

Of course, Snow incorporated the motif so often associated with her eponymous brand as well: florals. Floral patterns were craftfully applied to tops, worked into skirts, and blended into dresses through geometric appliques. In the midst of a chilly New York City winter, Snow Xue Gao’s bright touches invite positivity and recall warmer, livelier times.

Photographed by Ni Ouyang @rotten_avocadoo. All images courtesy of Snow Xue Gao.

A Message of Empowerment

Taking inspiration from the ‘60s, Snow Xue Gao complimented her latest collection with models donning bright-colored eye-shadow and heavy, voluminous hair. “These specific pairings pay ode to a time period when women protested and fought for equal rights, fair pay, and against domestic abuse in the household which is an ongoing problem that still affects women to this day,” explained the brand in a press release. The message of female empowerment didn’t go unnoticed. “Now more than ever, Snow’s diligence and efforts in her eponymous label show ambitious women that they too can create their own business and thrive today. Gao’s mission and purpose is to motivate young and aspiring women to also venture and explore their own passion and convert it into a successful career that is fulfilling and liberating.”

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