It’s Friday, and you know what that means… Team EnVi is back this week with the latest installation of our For You Friday series, where we catch you up on this week’s new music releases. So go on and grab your headphones and dive into this week’s specially curated For You Friday!

“bad idea right?” – Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo is coming for your summer playlists. The 20-year-old singer-songwriter is no stranger to success. Her ‘90s inspired sound with her strong vocals won her a GRAMMY for Best New Artist and Best Solo Pop Performance (2022). Her debut album SOUR was a mix of delicate, heart-wrenching ballads and punchy, rock anthems. Two years after SOUR,she is back better than ever with her highly anticipated sophomore album, GUTS. Her single “Vampire” from her upcoming album debuted #1 on Billboard’s Global 200 this June. Today, Rodrigo gives us another snippet of her album with the release of “bad idea right?” 

Catchy drums, vibey bass, and rock guitar give the song a pop-punk feel. The spoken verses are almost a phone conversation, as if she is calling up the girls and asking for advice. Rodrigo sneaks out of a raging house party to meet an ex, singing “Seeing you tonight / it’s a bad idea right?” Layered harmonized vocals in the chorus give the song a fresh feel. This teenage anthem will have you on your feet at any house party. 

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“Horizon” – JAEHYUN

JAEHYUN of NCT has returned with his latest solo track, “Horizon.” Capturing the artist’s admiration for peaceful days, this delicate R&B single is fitting for summer afternoons spent staring at the sky. His deep and rich vocals paired with the light, strummy instrumental make for a delightful combination. “Horizon” also adds to JAEHYUN’s exploration in songwriting, as he is credited on the track as a lyricist alongside producers DEEZ and SoulFish

Following the success of his previous solo, “Forever Only,” it is no surprise that “Horizon” has already received over 1 million views on YouTube in just a couple days. The song’s music video follows JAEHYUN exploring Italy — effortlessly being the epitome of boyfriend material. Despite sticking to the R&B genre, JAEHYUN has continued to serve out a fresh sound with each of his solo songs, leaving listeners eager for more individual projects from him.

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“Fast Forward” – JEON SOMI

Solo female artist, JEON SOMI, came back with her highly anticipated EP, GAME PLAN. A fun and fresh album fit for the summer, GAME PLAN features five upbeat pop songs in true SOMI fashion. 

Garnering over 28 million views on YouTube, the title track, “Fast Forward,” is an addictive pop song heavily influenced by the ever popular house music genre. The music video reflects the eclectic nature of the genre with SOMI clad in funky and sexy outfits amidst the bubblegum pink and pastel background. “Fast Forward” is a song to listen to on a summer night out, with its high energy vibe. 

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“Love Me Again” – V

Channeling the timeless sounds of jazz and R&B, V of BTS has officially ushered in his solo era. Ahead of his upcoming album, Layover, V has released two tracks — “Rainy Days” and “Love Me Again.” Being an old soul himself, it is no surprise that the K-pop star has chosen a more classic sound for his personal music endeavors.

“Love Me Again” is a sexy and somber R&B track showcasing V’s smooth and deep vocals. Singing longingly about a lover who he wishes would be with him once more, V created a track that is pleasant to the ears despite its melancholic lyrics. The sultry vibe of the song is mirrored by the visuals of the music video. V, donned in simple yet sensual attire, delivers the melody with ease with nothing but a mic in hand.  

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“Take Me With You” – Neck Deep

Who doesn’t love an upbeat pop-punk track about wanting to leave your hometown? Sure, maybe it is an overused theme throughout the genre, but Welsh band Neck Deep have revived the angsty teen desire to go anywhere but home with their latest release, “Take Me With You.”

The extraterrestrial-themed song sounds as if it was pulled straight from the ‘00s pop-punk scene with its fast-paced rhythmic drumbeat, powerful guitars, and highly energetic closing. Whether you want to feel nostalgic over the sound you grew up with, are diving into the pop-punk scene for the first time, or just really like aliens — “Take Me With You” is a banger all around. 

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“Wormhole: New Track” – n.SSign

Entering the K-pop scene with a bang, nine-member boy group n.SSign debuted with their album BIRTH OF COSMO. The album contains five tracks and three instrumentals, showing off the versatility of the group.

The title track of the album is “Wormhole: New Track,” a hypnotizing hip-hop track showcasing the rappers of the group. The beat is ominous, with a dissonant electric guitar in the background complemented by manic laughter. The song is dark and catchy, leaving listeners wanting more from the blossoming group. 

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“happy im” – UMI

Lo-fi R&B standout UMI is in love and she wants everyone to know it. In her latest release “happy im,” the singer croons in her signature soft and airy  vocal style over a calming, acoustic guitar. A vivid storyteller in her music, UMI speaks directly to her lover as she recounts how though she was previously scared to open her heart, she’s happy that she now loves herself enough to accept love from others. And that, among other things, makes her happy. “Blue flowers in my heart / A garden for us / I’m watering myself too,” she sings.

Halfway through the two minutes-and-change song, UMI switches it up and starts singing in Japanese. Half Japanese on her mothers side, UMI is fluent in the language and cites her heritage as helping shape her music and voice. It seems only fitting that on such a vulnerable song she makes sure to include that part of herself as well, ending that verse with a sentimental “I love you.

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“Turn It Off’ – NINE.i

NINE.i are finally back with their brand new comeback, “Turn It Off.” Following the short hiatus of Seowon, Winnie, and Jiho with their participation on Boys Planet, the rookies are back and as strong as ever. Released alongside the track was a mini album NEW MIND, which features five other tracks. 

As mentioned in a press release, the new album will “…serve as a powerful medium through which the group intends to convey their heartfelt message to the world.” Vahn, the group’s rapper and vocalist, participated in the production of the album. The high synth and bubbly track is a great soundtrack for the end of the summer.

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JO YURI is calling for a “TAXI,” and a spot in your heavy rotation. She made her return with her second mini album, LOVE ALL. Fasten your seatbelts as JO YURI takes you on a musical journey with five new, sonically distinct tracks. The title track, “TAXI,” embodies her fresh image, whilst still showcasing a more matured and confident look. 

With elements of pop and R&B, a harmony of nostalgic synths and groovy piano chords carries throughout the track. JO YURI flaunts her carefree, yet effortlessly classy style in the accompanying music video as her excitement in a growing relationship is reflected by the speed of a taxi. As the two-time survival show alumnus is  set to star in the second season of the viral sensation Squid Game, JO YURI keeps her fans, GLASSYs, wondering what accolades she will achieve next. 

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Other tracks in this week’s For You Friday playlist include “MI EX TENÌA RAZÓN” by Karol G, The Boyz’s “Lip Gloss,” “Stay Alive” by Pink Sweat$, and Eric Nam’s “Don’t Leave Yet.”  Listen to everything mentioned and more curated by Team EnVi only for you.

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