It’s Friday, and you know what that means…Team EnVi is back this week with the latest installation of our FYF series, where we catch you up on this week’s new music releases. So go on and grab your headphones and dive into this week’s specially curated For You Friday!

“Better Place” – *NSYNC

After sparking reunion rumors and headlines worldwide, *NSYNC has come together again on “Better Place.” Their first new track in over twenty years, the quintet picks up right where they left off — with effortless five-part harmonies over the danciest of beats. A feel-good pop song reminiscent of Justin Timberlake’s single from the first Trolls movie,  “Better Place” is the flagship song from Dreamworks’ new animated movie Trolls Band Together. Produced and written by Timberlake, who also voices the main character, the band got back together at the frontman’s studio in Montana for an emotional recording session.

Fans everywhere are still waiting on bated breath for a potential reunion tour announcement. This comes after member Lance Bass stated the group initially had plans to perform the new song, but the SAG-AFTRA strike has prevented them from doing anything that promotes the movie. All hope is not lost, as the band promised on social media that something else would be coming soon.

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“3D” – Jungkook feat. Jack Harlow

BTS member Jungkook comes in hot with his sophomore solo single “3D” featuring Kentucky native Jack Harlow. Following the mega success of “Seven,” which was released just two months ago, Jungkook’s latest track dives into even more risque subject matter, to the delight of many of his fans. Produced by BloodPop and written by David Stewart, who previously worked with the singer on BTS’ “Dynamite,” the song has funky beats and intricate melodies anchored by Jungkook’s soulful vocals. The song has the vibe of ‘00s R&B/pop songs, reminiscent of Usher and Justin Timberlake. 

“3D” is coupled with an equally captivating video that showcases Jungkook performing solo on a singular staircase cut with extensive dance scenes in the street and Jungkook and Harlow hanging out and playing chess. The choreography is by one of HYBE’s performance director, Bangster, fits the song and its slight throwback feel. he video ends on the quintessential staple of any early ‘00s song, dancing in the rain — or rather, a downpour caused by a broken fire hydrant.

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“Either Way” – IVE

Kicking off their newest comeback, popular girl group IVE released their first pre-release single, “Either Way.” The song acts as a precursor to give insight into what their fans — named DIVE — can expect from their first EP, I’VE MINE, out October 13. “Either Way” is a mid-tempo pop track with R&B elements. A steady, simple beat takes you through the verses but switches into a subdued synth-led production once it hits the chorus. 

The music video, which boasts an impressive 11 million views in three days, cuts between close-up shots of the members expressing a range of emotions and dancing in a carefree way. Lyrically, the track speaks of resilience and staying true to oneself. It is an autobiographical story of the intense pressure that IVE has to face being in the limelight constantly. However, the lyrics in the chorus can be applied universally to fit any difficult situation, “Either way I’m good / it’s all good / it’s not about right or wrong / we all love differently.”

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“Agora Hills” – Doja Cat

Rapper Doja Cat is back with her highly anticipated fourth album, Scarlet. One of the standout tracks on the project is “Agora Hills,” which is a perfect blend of her pop-rap and R&B sound and a catchy chorus. Over an almost hypnotic beat, Doja Cat passionately expresses her deep love for her partner as she sings about her desire to openly celebrate their relationship through public displays of affection. 

Doja Cat effortlessly transitions into rapping about the attention her partner will receive from being in a relationship with a celebrity like herself, as she confidently raps, “Hope you can handlе the heat / Put your name in the streets / Get used to my fans lookin’ at you.” 

Fans can look forward to catching Doja Cat on tour, which kicks off on Halloween. With any luck, we’ll have the chance to experience the electrifying performance of “Agora Hills” live.

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“UN PREVIEW” – Bad Bunny

Bad Bunny is in love, or so it seems from his latest release, “UN PREVIEW.” To his fans’ surprise, he dropped the track and accompanying music video on Monday. The song is just under two minutes, but that is more than enough time for him to sing poetically to the cowgirl of his dreams.

“Baby, I’m not scared / Of trying you and falling in love again” is sung at the start of the chorus, lyrics that are romantic in nature but also bring up memories of his most recent heartbreak and his rumored relationship. He has been seen around with socialite Kendall Jenner for the better half of the year, but both celebrities have been tight-lipped on the status of their romance.

The music video plays it simple, with Bad Bunny moving around a white studio with various horse and cowboy imagery behind him, including a carousel horse and two grinding cowboys. Interestingly enough, his rumored beau, Jenner, is known to be a big fan of horses.

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Global girl group XG has got us by a string in their newest release “PUPPET SHOW.” Presenting listeners with their first mini album NEW DNA, XG imagine a world where they not only get what they deserve but where their voices are heard. “PUPPET SHOW” poses as a compelling track with its intermixed hip-hop-like melody and R&B groove. From addictive drum beats to neat rhythmic bass drops, XG create a rich soundscape with their harmonious vocals and sharp rap.

Already accumulating 2 million views in a single day of release, the music video showcases symbolic imagery, suave choreography, and vivid visuals shown by the seven members. Each second is an eye-watering feast as XG sport clean chic style, presenting the members’ individuality through their clothes’ attractive color tones and diverse styling. Through their lyrics, XG make a declaration of independence and empowerment with statements such as “It’s time I get what I deserve / Act like he don’t know what I’m worth.”

XG aim to empower girls all around the world through their fresh music and performance, and in “PUPPET SHOW,” XG do not hesitate to channel this strength. 

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