Glass skin was one of the biggest Asian skincare trends in 2022, so it’s only natural that the glowing self-care wave continues. Recently, a haircare trend coined as “glass hair” appeared on the Chinese social media application Xiaohongshu, promising glowing hair with the application of a hair mask. Popularized in China, this DIY (do-it-yourself) hair treatment is making its stamp in the West. And we had to look into the matter ourselves.

Glass Hair Trend

Originating in late July of 2023, social media influencers all over Xiaohongshu appeared with silky hair thanks to a mixture of an already popular Japanese hair mask and a few dashes of oil. The viral trend leaves the hair with a doll-like shiny finish while nourishing it for a soft and supple feel. Now, millions of beauty enthusiasts from around the world are using this formula on their journey for glossy, healthy hair. 

How to Get Glass Hair

Just by mixing a few products, social media influencers have been achieving salon-quality, glass hair in under an hour. To recreate the look, start by mixing a couple of tablespoons of the Shiseido Fino Premium Touch Hair Mask with your favorite hair oil creating a three-to-one ratio.  Baby oil was the oil of choice for social media influencers on Xiaohongshu, but Western beauty aficionados stick to oils created with haircare in mind. After the hair mask and oil are well mixed and easy to spread, apply to dry hair. For better results, beauty influencers recommend avoiding your scalp as it can cause an unwanted greasy look. After coating the hair from the mids to ends, some choose to cover their head in a shower cap to aid in penetration but this step is optional. Let this miracle concoction sit for 30 minutes and rinse for smooth, vibrant hair that shines from a mile away. 


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Glass Hair Products

Flexing the best ingredients and effective formulations, Japan is responsible for the main product featured in this trend. The Fino Premium Touch Hair Mask by Japanese hair brand Shiseido is the luxurious base used for this treatment. Formulated with royal jelly to moisturize, PCA (para-chloroamphetamine) to strengthen, and Lipidure EX to repair the hair, the hair mask is engineered to ace the haircare game. The Shiseido hair mask also features seven different serums to treat hair for deeper repair. 

Fino Premium Touch Hair Mask

Hair oil is the next and final step in this at-home hair care trend. The OG influencers in China use baby oil, but on platforms like TikTok, people have gravitated toward their favorite hair serums and oils. Some of the popular choices are the Mise-en-scene Perfect Serum Original, ViCREA &honey Deep Moist Hair Oil, and Shiseido’s Premium Touch Hair Oil. 

Mise en Scėne
Perfect Serum Original
Premium Touch Hair Oil
ViCREA &honey
Deep Moist
Hair Oil

Trying the Glass Hair Trend

Since the glass hair trend promised luscious shiny locks, I had to test the trend myself. As a longtime user of Japanese haircare, I knew I was in good hands since Shiseido is a beloved household name. I followed the steps indicated above, mixing the Fino Premium Touch Hair Mask with Shu Uemura Essence Absolue Nourishing Protective Oil

The results were true to the countless social media posts. Transforming my dull, chemically processed hair into smooth and supple strands, this hair formula helped me achieve my glass hair dreams. 

While the outcome was impeccable silky hair, I have a recommendation for those trying the hair mask at home. As a final step, make sure to shampoo your head twice, focusing on the lengths of your hair, or follow up with dry shampoo for optimal bounciness as this trend could weigh down the hair a bit.

Shu Uemura
Essence Absolue Nourishing Protective Oil

As the never-ending quest for healthy, happy hair can cause many to furrow their brows in distress, we aren’t surprised that this easy-to-follow hair combination is taking the world by storm. Instead of spending hours at the salon, the glass hair trend makes shiny, healthy hair attainable from the comfort of your home. Since these products are rapidly gaining a cult following, make sure to get your hands on the haircare gold and try it out yourself! 

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