Step back. There’s a new all-female supergroup in KWANGYA, and they GOT the beat.

In time for the start of 2022, SM Entertainment’s newest project, Girls On Top (GOT), is here. Consisting of all female artists within the label, GOT is a collaborative project where artists and soloists alike collaborate and form new groups with various concepts. The first Girls On Top subunit is GOT the beat including BoA, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon and HYO, Red Velvet’s Seulgi and Wendy, and aespa’s WINTER and KARINA. GOT the beat debuted at the SMTOWN LIVE 2022: SMCU EXPRESS@KWANGYA. The seven-member cross-generational supergroup performed their upcoming single, “Step Back,” for the first time for the label’s annual concert. 

An Epic Introduction to GOT the beat

Midway through the concert, Super Junior’s Leeteuk and Shindong hosted a brief introduction to SM Entertainment’s newest project. Leeteuk described the project as a “dedication to the girls who are confident.”

Leading up to the supergroup’s premiere stage, BoA, HYO, Taeyeon, Red Velvet, and aespa performed a song to tease each member’s skills. Leeteuk introduced GOT the beat to fans as a special performance unit. 

After their announcement, the screen went red and the background switched to one of a red church-esque stage. People walked toward the stage in black robes- a fashion statement reminiscent of EXO in their music video for “MAMA.” The mysterious people faced the stage, where each GOT the beat’s members’ silhouettes flashed into view.

The Highly Anticipated Stage

GOT the beat’s stage began when the septet appeared. All seven women face back and saluted the crowd- a reference to the iconic Girls’ Generation ending pose for their track “You Think.” This marked the start of GOT the beat’s “Step Back.” The girls struck various poses to church-like chanting. After Dem Jointz’s signature producer tag played, the song truly began. 

“Step Back” started off with haunting music that went from distorted chanting and bells to an out-of-tune piano. The music gradually got louder as the girls went from low and velvety vocals to higher notes, which lead into the chorus. 

The song slowed down at BoA’s call, her soulful vocals leading into an R&B breakdown shared between her and WINTER. This then commenced a series of short raps and an epic dance break, opened up by HYO, BoA, and Seulgi. 

The burst of sharp and powerful movements was stopped by a high note courtesy of Seulgi. The members reunited in the middle of the dance break with more flowy dances to suit the exchange of high notes by the group.

In a finale, GOT the beat lined up one-by-one. Each member struck poses to emphasize their “Step Back” command. As the music died down, the girls returned to their original salute formation. GOT the beat exited how they entered: powerful silhouettes in view. 

The Start of Girls On Top

SM Entertainment initially announced the Girls On Top project earlier this week on Monday, December 27. The official GOT the beat social media accounts teased the lineup with a group photo. More images were released throughout the week on social media. GOT the beat also posted a behind-the-scenes clip of their dance practice ahead of D-Day, building up the hype for what was to come at the SMTOWN LIVE 2022 concert. 

GOT the beat will officially release their debut track, “Step Back,” on January 3. Be sure to follow them on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and Facebook for more updates.

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Thumbnail courtesy of SM Entertainment.