Red Velvet reunited with Indonesian fans in person for the first time in three years at the Allo Bank Festival on May 21. The event was the first All in One Festival in Indonesia, as well as the first international music festival to have K-pop guest stars in two years. Alongside Red Velvet, NCT Dream was also invited to liven up the event. 

With Indoor Special Show tickets at just 100,000 rupiah (around $7), the show attracted a lot of attention from K-pop fans. The enthusiasm for the music festival was obvious when tickets to watch Red Velvet and NCT Dream’s performances sold like hotcakes.

Before the girls entered the stage, fans in the audience started chanting the members’ names one by one. Fans also had a singalong to the group’s iconic songs. Soon, excitement filled the venue as the quintet took to the stage. Red Velvet admitted that they were elevated to be back on stage in front of a live audience. Seulgi, who looked over the crowd and smiled fondly, said, “One of the reasons I longed to return to Indonesia is because of ReVeluv’s cheers. After two years, this is the first time we heard a crowd as lively as this. I get shivers hearing it!” she exclaimed while giving a thumbs up. It was evident that the girls were excited to return to Indonesia. “It feels like I can fly,” said Seulgi. Wendy chimed in and claimed that Red Velvet’s biggest achievements came from the support of fans, including those from Indonesia. 

Blow Confetti, Let Off More Fireworks

Red Velvet opened their segment with a performance of classical music-infused pop title track “Feel My Rhythm,” a song that conveys an exciting adventure through time and space. Aside from their melodic vocals, the song has an iconic choreography, namely Joy’s part in the pre-chorus. “Thank you for giving me so much love,” said Joy.

During the interview with the hosts, Joy taught the fans how to do the iconic choreography. “I’ll teach you guys,” she said with a bright smile. Fans in the audience also sang along as they followed her instructions.

Next, they performed their 2020 bubbly girl power song “Queendom,” with ReVelus singing along and shouting the song’s fanchant throughout the performance. Fans also waved their lightsticks and LED lights. They lit up the venue to welcome the Queens to the Red Castle.

Moments of Happiness

After showing their skills as singers, the girls also showed that they were able to be entertaining and have fun with the audience during the talk and games segment. 

“Happiness! Apa kabar? Kami Red Velvet.” Drawing a smiley in the air with their fingers, they greeted the Indonesian audience with their signature opening. Not only that, each member also greeted the audience in Indonesian. Later, the members played a game in which they had to guess an Indonesian verb and choose an object that matches the given word. The first word was “nyapu (sweeping),” to which Yeri managed to answer correctly, and Wendy was asked to demonstrate the action.

It was very common to see Red Velvet do everything they can to win any game. This time Irene looked at the audience for help, and after succeeding, she thanked the audience shyly with a smile. 

Taste of Red Flavor

The group is often dubbed as the Queens of Summer for their signature sounds they developed in their upbeat summer tracks over the years. And what is a Red Velvet stage if they do not perform their summer classic “Red Flavor.”

“Red Flavor” did not beat around the bush to get the audience going. The catchy and addictive chorus which starts off the song only added more excitement to the audience as they swung along to the summer anthem. The Indonesian crowd has proven their love for the girls from their roaring cheers. When Wendy shouted “Everybody, sing!”, the crowd complied, their shouts reached decibels that washed out the music.  

Hello Again, Summer

Surprisingly, after performing their title tracks, Red Velvet performed one of their B-side tracks, “Hello, Sunset,” or known by its Korean name “Again, Summer.” It is a delicate and whimsical song that highlights the members’ gorgeous vocals. The track encompasses not only a farewell to summer, but more importantly, a greeting to welcome the future.

Listening to the song feels like gazing at the warm sunset or laughing it off with your friends on a summer’s day. It’s a song you’d hear during the ride back home after spending a whole day at the beach as you drift off to the melody. A memorable line snuck its way into the hearts of ReVeluvs: “Thank you for waiting for me / I’ll give you a big hug.

After triumphing over numerous obstacles together, the girls are embracing a new chapter. In an interview with Billboard, Irene emphasized ReVeluvs’ significant role to the group. “When we’re together, we shine more beautifully so let’s be there for each other forever and always,” she said. Moments like these show how much their fans’ support means to the pentet.

If there’s one thing everyone can learn from the night and what to expect for the future: just like a sunset, Red Velvet assure fans that they will always welcome them with open arms, and that they will always be here despite everything. Just like a sunset, Red Velvet reminds us that in the end, we will be okay. 

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