In their 2022 song “Dry Flower,” OMEGA X sang: “We’ll never give up ‘til we bloom again.” Just in time for spring, they have kept their promise. The 11-member boy group — consisting of Jaehan, Hwichan, Sebin, Hangyeom, Taedong, Xen, Jehyun, Kevin, Junghoon, Hyuk, and Yechan — returned with their self-written fan song “Dream” on April 24. 

A Heartfelt Return

“Dream” was first performed by OMEGA X at the 30th Hanteo Music Awards in February 2023. After high demand from their fans, FOR X, the group took to their Instagram on April 23 to announce the official digital release of the single. Member Hangyeom participated in composing the digital single, and all 11 members had a hand in writing the lyrics.

10 months since the release of OMEGA X’s previous album, “Story Written in Music,” and six since the end of their “Connect: Don’t Give Up” tour, the medium-tempo ballad, “Dream,” is a testament to the group’s dedication to their fans. The song begins with a slow-tempo piano arrangement leading into Yechan singing its first lines. The sweet melody progresses as Hangyeom and Kevin speed up the pace with their rhythmic raps. “Just like a movie” is a repeated phrase in the chorus integral to the song’s message and title — reaching for something which seems like a dream but is actually possible. The buildup into Hwichan’s high note is accompanied by the addition of guitar and drums, marking a stark difference from the song’s gentle beginnings. These musical elements combined make up the support the song needs to grow into its harmonious ending, similar to the support the members have received from FOR X.

Main Characters

With the track being released on member Sebin’s birthday, serendipitous timing renders this occasion a special moment of celebration. The members revel in that joy, comparing memories of singing on stage to a movie, and expressing their gratitude by singing: “In this movie of crying and laughing / Every scene is beautiful / Even though each of us / Looks different, / We’re all main characters.” 

After overcoming the odds against them, OMEGA X and the power of FOR X together have  unequivocally changed the meaning of support and love for K-pop groups and their fans. The members of OMEGA X hope to support their fans with “Dream” in the way it has been done for them. With a powerful, yet comforting first single release of the year, OMEGA X are blooming into an unforgettable 2023.

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