On September 10, 2023, entertainer and CEO, Jay Park’s alcohol brand, Won Soju, kicked off a series of launch events in the United States—starting with Los Angeles’s popular lounge, Intercrew LA. From Grammy-winning artist Anderson Paak to Asian American rapper Dumbfoundead, a large variety of stars took to the red carpet in support and celebration of Won Soju’s U.S. debut.

A New Blend of Jay Park

Marketed as the first South Korean rapper owned alcohol brand, Won Soju has already been making strides in the industry with Park at the forefront since its establishment in February 2022. Park’s abrupt announcement last year came as a surprise to many that he was taking a step back from his career as a musician to explore new endeavors. His work ethic as an artist was quickly reflected in the premium line, with Park participating in both production and alcohol-crafting. The numbers spoke for themselves when the liquor brand sold six million bottles within their first year. 

What makes Won Soju stand out from its mainstream competitors is its traditional fermentation and aging process, using 100% domestic rice, that results in a smooth and light taste. Drawn to the charm of soju through his own cultural experiences, the Seattle native’s spirit brand is in a way representative of his career as an artist and his constantly evolving journey. Since the beginning of the year, Park’s latest venture has been steadily expanding past the borders of South Korea, making bottles readily available worldwide.

Welcome to the Party

Inside of Intercrew, the walls were packed with attendees as they mingled from various bars located throughout the lounge. Beautifully decorated with logos flashing around and a wall of Won Soju on display, the atmosphere was high in excitement. Buzzed on sweet soju cocktails, the crowd was soon grooving along to Park’s live performances of “All I Wanna Do” and “MOMMAE”. 

Even the physical bar was the embodiment of “cool” with the tabletop being made of solid ice as Won Soju bottles suspended within. The exclusive launch event had multiple installations available including a dry ice display for their frozen soju granitas bar which offered a refreshing twist on Won Soju. Up the stairs attendees were able to snag either a personal customized box of Won Soju bottles and glasses, a t-shirt, or a trucker cap from their apparel collaboration with VANDYTHEPINK. As the night was coming to a close, those in attendance were seen grabbing themselves a hot cup of instant ramen at the ramen bar, a perfect wrap up on the Korean drinking culture food experience. 

Won Soju will soon be available for purchase at liquor stores and supermarkets across the U.S. For now you can get your own bottle through their website here which ships nationwide. Make sure to keep up with Jay Park and Won Soju’s global growth on Instagram and Twitter!  

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