For many K-pop fans around the world, school is back in session. Studying can be stressful, especially during midterms or finals season. To make studying a little more fun, K-pop fans can incorporate K-pop into their study routine! Check out these three K-pop study resources below. 


Neopom is a creative NCT-themed productivity app utilizing a time management technique called the Pomodoro Technique. The name is a combination of “Neo” and the first syllable of “Pomodoro.” In the Pomodoro Technique, your work is organized by 25 minutes of straight work with five minutes of rest time in between. 

The site is organized into three sections. In the “NEOZONE” tab, users are directed to a video display with bolded words “You are entering NEO ZONE,” referencing NCT 127’s second full length album. Here, users have the ability to create a task-centric checklist as well as start a 25-minute time interval. After eight 25-minute intervals, the user achieves a random online photocard of one of the NCT members as a reward. The “Collection” tab features the user’s collection of the virtual photocards collected from the site. Lastly, the “Quotes” tab features motivational quotes from NCT members. This is the perfect studying app for NCTZENs! 


Ever wanted to study with your favorite K-pop idols? LifeAt provides you the opportunity to do so — sort of. This website presents users with various themes of virtual backgrounds, celebrities included. K-pop fans can choose the K-pop themed tab and select through Korean artists. These video backgrounds simulate one big virtual study group with the user’s favorite K-pop artists. The site also has its own version of the Pomodoro Technique through which users can time themselves for 20-minute intervals as well as choose between a 5- or 10-minute interval break. If the site doesn’t have your favorite K-pop idol, you also have the option to create and upload your own video background. 


Studying with your favorite K-pop songs playing in the background is always a classic. Sometimes, all you need are the right vibes and you’re all set. Spotify is no stranger to the study playlists department. With countless K-pop study playlists, it can be hard to choose the perfect one for your next study session. To help you get started, check out EnVi’s own curated playlist called “Study Buddy” on Spotify. 

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