Last August 26, singer-songwriter Jake Lawson, or more popularly known as JVKE, released his latest single “i can’t help it.” Known for his viral hits, the artist dubs his newest love song as “the best one yet.” According to an official press release, JVKE is also releasing his debut album this September 23. EnVi had the privilege of corresponding with JVKE via email to learn more about his artistry and creative process.

Can’t Help Replaying

i can’t help it” interpolates Elvis Presley’s timeless hit “Can’t Help Falling in Love.” The single is another groovy self-produced love song, further showing his prowess and forte in this niche of his. Through whimsical melodies, JVKE is once again able to capture feelings of love and happiness.

The interpolation of the iconic Elvis song is not the only thing that rings familiar for JVKE’s latest single. “i can’t help it” further solidifies and distinguishes JVKE’s signature production style through synths and reverbs reminiscent of choir/worship music. While “i can’t help it” starts off pretty softly, the song’s overall energy is loud and bombastic. It seemingly outlines the flow and progression of an emerging love story: slowly, then all at once.

A Recognizable Repertoire

JVKE’s discography thus far reflects the aforementioned elements, painting a cohesive image that allows anyone to easily recognize his songs. As previously mentioned, his songs seem to be reminiscent of church and worship music, with modern takes of his own. JVKE attributes this influence to his upbringing. He shares to EnVi that he grew up going to church and listening to Hillsong and Christian music. Beyond this, JVKE’s music is generally characterized by light beats, soft strings, and loop-worthy hooks.

The singer-songwriter and producer also mentions and credits various creative influences such as Frank Ocean, Charlie Puth, and Ye. For his other single “golden hour,” a by-the-book love song that hones in on romance and beauty, JVKE attributes inspiration to 1800s composer Franz Liszt. 

“I wanted [the song] to feel like falling in love, [while really capturing] the experience of seeing someone and for the first time really appreciating their beauty,” JVKE shares. 

Love is the common thread tying everything together when it comes to JVKE. It unites the lyrics of his songs to the motivation behind his creative process at large. “Love is a common human experience that is one of the greatest blessings of this life,” JVKE says, and his love for love is evident across his discography.

@jvke ‘this is what falling in love feels like’ open verse challenge!! let’s hear what y’all got 🙂 #DUETS #openverse #singer #songwriter #duet ♬ original sound – JVKE

A Long Time Coming

This focus on love has worked to the artist’s favor, as listeners can rely on him to provide soundtracks for their love-filled moments. Numbers-wise, JVKE has over 550 million streams and 26+ billion views for his music on YouTube, TikTok, Spotify, and Instagram. These only go to show the demand for his music. Breakout 2020 hit “Upside Down” skyrocketed JVKE’s popularity, with support from the likes of Charlie Puth and Charli D’Amelio

Though the TikTok-led virality seems like an immediate success, JVKE’s musical journey did not happen overnight. Since he was three years old, JVKE has already been tinkering with various musical instruments. This interest deepened through a plunge into music production by high school. At present, JVKE writes lyrics with his brother and produces songs on his own.

“I began producing at 14 and that’s when I fell in love with making music. I’m fueled by hearing other people’s amazing music. It gets me excited to get back in the studio and make something new,” JVKE told EnVi.

What’s Next?

While JVKE’s reached various feats early into his music career, he’s not pulling the brakes any time soon. This September 23rd, JVKE will be releasing his debut album, “this is what ___ feels like (Vol. 1-4).” The album will include a mix of familiar hits such as “this is what falling in love feels like” and “this is what heartbreak feels like.” It will also include the aforementioned singles “i can’t help it” and “golden hour,” and a couple more unreleased songs.

The album is completely written, recorded, and produced by JVKE and his brother ZVC all the way from Rhode Island. It seeks to document a relationship’s life cycle according to four stages: falling in love, heartbreak, sadness, and falling out of love. Through genuine lyrics and masterful melodies, JVKE’s expected to evoke a wide range of emotions from his listeners. After all, as JVKE says it best, “It’s all about the feeling. If you don’t feel anything, I didn’t do my job.”

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