Kai’s sophomore EP, Peaches, is just around the corner. Following the timeline released on November 17, EXO’s official accounts shared the prologue film on November 26, 12 AM KST. The prologue film wasn’t Kai’s first pre-release video. Back in 2020, ahead of his self-titled debut EP, he released “FILM : KAI,” a short film featuring snippets of the album tracks. 

With his visually impactful content, fans had high expectations for Kai’s prologue film. The prologue film features a highlight from “Vanilla.” The song is described as an indie-pop song that matches Kai’s tone. It also sends listeners to the experience of a dream, like diving into calm waters.

Giving In to the Water

The two-minute video starts off in black and white. Kai wakes up in a daze and stumbles to the water. There, he meets his reflection before diving into the water. The scene shifts into a large cave. Soon, colors pop out and the video continues to carry a dream-like atmosphere. The soothing sound of bongos and guitar builds up as Kai’s voice breaks through the sounds. Soft but impactful, he immediately catches the attention of the listeners.

Humble Beginnings

One of the prologue film’s highlights is the dance scene. Through the video, Kai presents his two selves: the rookie Kai from 2011 and the current Kai from 2021. The latter wears an outfit reminiscent of the one seen in his pre-debut video. They unite to build an emotional dance, mixing sharp movements with the fluidity and grace of a ballet dancer. Water surrounds him as he amazes the viewers with his dance.

Caved In

Analyzing the video further, references to Plato’s allegory of the cave are visible. The allegory recounts a group of men chained in a cave. Forced to only see the shadows of the objects that others are putting in front of the fire, they perceive the shadows as reality. One day, a prisoner becomes free and takes a stroll outside. His reality changes as he finally sees the fire as the source of the shadows in the cave. In the prologue film, we see Kai dancing in a cave. The shots consistently alternate between his shadow and his real self. At the end of the video, we see Kai finally reaching the light, his body floating towards its source.


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Fans React

EXO-Ls were elated by the prologue film release. On Twitter, they discussed the highlights of the film and shared their excitement. They also commented on how great “Vanilla” is as the film’s accompanying track. With more to come, fans are definitely looking forward to Peaches.





Peaches is set for release on November 30 at 6 PM KST. The new EP will have six tracks with various genres and will venture into showing Kai’s new sides. To keep up with Kai and his music, follow him on Instagram and subscribe to EXO’s YouTube channel!

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