KANGDANIEL to Star in Exclusive Concert Film, KANGDANIEL: MY PARADE

By: Karen Yi
Thumbnail courtesy of Trafalgar Releasing and WYS en scene.

From the creators of ASTRO’s Stargazer: Astroscope (2022) and MAMAMOO’s MAMAMOO: MY CON THE MOVIE (2023) comes another concert feature starring K-pop idol KANGDANIEL. With an exclusive two-day screening, KANGDANIEL: MY PARADE (2023) is set to show in U.S. theaters on Wednesday, August 30 and Saturday, September 2. 

The movie dives into the opening stop of his first world tour “FIRST PARADE” in Seoul. This documentary captures his world of firsts — from stage to screen. By recollecting his offstage and onstage moments, KANGDANIEL: MY PARADE has KANGDANIEL take center stage once again.

KANGDANIEL behind-the-scenes image, sitting in a recording studio.
Image courtesy of Trafalgar Releasing and WYS en scene.

The Nation’s Center

Produce 101, a popular survival show designed to produce an idol group with 11 members from 101 competitors, launched the start of KANGDANIEL’s idol career. As the second season’s first place winner, he started his idol journey with the show’s boy group, Wanna One. He solidified his nickname as the nation’s center with his official debut in 2017.

KANG DANIEL close up image
Image courtesy of Trafalgar Releasing and WYS en scene.

After the disbandment of Wanna One in late 2018, KANGDANIEL debuted as a solo artist in 2019. With the release of his first studio album The Story (2022), he soon followed up with the “FIRST PARADE IN SEOUL” concert. By embracing the celebratory atmosphere of a musically-enhanced parade, the film promises to capture the concert’s enthusiastic showcase.

Keep Marching On

Shining on his efforts offstage, KANGDANIEL’s first documentary film is ablaze with exclusive behind-the-scenes content. Never-before-seen concert rehearsals, intimate interviews, and festive performances radiate into his specially-interwoven story. With all of his idol charisma and even his offstage charm on display, his talent is sure to draw in an unique cinema experience.

MY PARADE poster
Image courtesy of Trafalgar Releasing and WYS en scene.

Tickets can be bought via KANGDANIEL: MY PARADE’s official website.

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