Keshi Drops Pre-Release Track “beside you”

By: Jannat Begum

By Jannat Begum | @_jannatara


On April 23, Island Records artist keshi dropped “beside you,” adding to his personal collection of tracks. The song is a pre-release, teasing his upcoming album.

Produced by Grammy-nominated artist, Madeon, “beside you” has elements of keshi’s distinct style, combining his dreamy vocals with an alternating strong beat and smooth instrumentals. His falsetto at the bridge completes the catchy summer song. 

keshi is a Vietnamese-American artist from Houston, Texas whose music blends alternative pop and R&B. Accruing over 40 million streams since signing with Island Records in 2017, he continues to make moves in the music industry domestically and internationally. The upcoming LP will be his debut album, following the release of EPs “if you’re not the one for me who is,” “good days,” and “bandaids.”

Most recently, keshi released trilogy remixes, a four-track EP remixing previously released songs, such as “right here,” “blue,” “skeletons,” and “talk.”

To promote his latest single, keshi appeared on 365 days with mxmtoon podcast to share his thoughts regarding “beside you,” his biggest obstacle, and his struggles with collaboration. Regarding his collaboration with Madeon, he said, “Being able to open up to another person about that process that’s so close to yourself is something I’m still getting used to, but I’m proud at having done it because for a long time I didn’t think it was gonna be possible.”

In celebration of the newest release keshi’s fans, called keshi kult, trended #besideyoukeshi on Twitter. They showed enthusiasm for his new music after waiting eight months since his last drop. To interact with his fans, keshi stopped by his official Discord and gave insight into the song and updates about the forthcoming album. 

You can listen to “beside you” here and follow keshi on his Instagram and Twitter!

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