For all those who wait, good things will come—such as keshi’s set for day two of Head In The Clouds. On November 7, Casey Luong, the Vietnamese-American artist known by his stage name, keshi, played a short, but memorable eight-track set in his signature lo-fi style and teased festival-goers with new music.

A Complete Musical Package

Sultry guitar riffs filled the stadium as keshi began his set with the unreleased track “SINS.” The set was a complete musical experience–keshi’s smooth vocals, combined with a talented band and alluring instrumentals, highlighted in his second track of the set, “beside you.”

Screams from the audience were heard as the mellow rhythmic beat of “SOMEBODY” began to play. “Talk,” an unreleased song, was next on the setlist. Afterward, keshi got comfortable to gear up for “drunk,” removing his jacket and replacing it with his guitar.

“You guys might know this one, it’d be great to have a sea of light though,” he said, played a few chords. As the crowd turned on the flashlights on their phones, one individual stood out as he yelled, “I love you, keshi!” The song drips with emotion as the crowd waves their lights back and forth while singing along. 

Up Close and Personal

keshi adjusted his guitar and made a clean transition to the soulful “TOUCH.” Along the way to the end of the runway, he picked up a phone and recorded his singing for a lucky fan.

He slipped his jacket back on as fans threw more phones on stage; quickly snapping a few more pictures, he began “like i need u.” Gifts from fans, such as roses and plushies, soon covered keshi’s stage. Finally, keshi ended his set with a powerful rendition of “2 soon,” exiting the stage as the crowd chanted “one more song.”

Coming Soon?

In a pre-concert interview, keshi teased a new album set to release soon. “The album is actually done,” he said, “and I’m very excited for everyone to hear it.” Until then, fans will live off the memories created during the stage. To listen to more from keshi, follow him on Spotify, and read up on “beside you.”

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Thumbnail courtesy of Nesrin Danan/88rising.