In honor of Women’s Month we are sharing  letters of appreciation to women idols and groups who have impacted us.

By Veronica | @minionyuta_

To BlackPink, 

I’m not sure why, but as I write these words I can’t help but become emotional. Perhaps it’s because of my appreciation and love for you four, as artists and women, I admire the strength in your heart. You’re so inspiring. For me, what I find the most admirable is your passionate soul and the way you love what you do, because it is the same passion I see in myself. 

I think it was when I watched your documentary, “Light Up The Sky,” that it finally set in just how much I admire you. The rawness of talking about your journey from predebut to debut, sent chills in me. The uncertainty of leaving your home to pursue your dream–without any assurance of it taking off– must have been scary. Yet, it was that love for music that pushed you to do it, and it is that passion that motivates you to continue on. And my, look how far you’ve come. 

Though I’m no singer, I am a writer and one of my greatest fears was not being a good enough writer. With that thought, I was unsure of ever being able to pursue my writing, the way I wanted to. That fear held me back, for a few years I stopped writing, and all those journals were just left in the dark. Around 2019, I would say, is when I began writing again, slowly picking up the pen. That was also the moment I became a fan of you. 

When I look at you Rosé, I’m in awe at your boundless passion for music, and the way you so effortlessly pick up the guitar and sing to us all.  With you Jennie, we’re given a glimpse of your life through your photography, a gesture that is as precious as your heart. Then there’s you Lisa, the dancing queen, and an old soul ready to take on the world. Finally, we have you Jisoo, with your heart-shaped smile you light up the world, as does your aura. The soul of an artist, I see in you all. 

The unconventional concepts within your discography is itself an illustration of power as women and an admirable one at that. Going beyond and exploring different sides of your craft, inspires us all to not limit ourselves to what society expects of us. That is the greatest gift you can give to young women. Showing us that we can achieve great things while breaking all stereotypes surrounding us. 

Seeing women strive for their dreams is so inspiring. You’ve broken down the barriers set before you, and it’s such a great feeling to see all that you have achieved. So thank you for staying true to yourselves, and sharing your love for music with us. 

Thank you for everything,


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