WayV members have been busy with back-to-back sub-unit and solo single releases. On August 17 at 6 PM KST, WayV’s newest subunit consisting of Ten and YangYang released their new, all-English, digital single “Low Low.” In the upbeat, summery song, the two members let loose, display their charismatic persona, and leave fans in awe. 

The music video release was preceded by an hour-long V Live where the two members talked about recording the music video and played bingo. Fans were also able to leave supportive messages for the members via V Live, and Ten and YangYang read the comments aloud enthusiastically. Since the sudden announcement of the subunit dropped only a few days after Ten’s recent solo, “Paint Me Naked,” many fans were not expecting another song as they were still reveling in the success of Ten’s third SM Station solo. With daily teasers since the announcement, fans have been eagerly awaiting this new release.  


“Low Low” 

A fresh, bright hip-hop song, “Low Low” is meant to be immediately infectious. From the beginning, the instrumentals are at a minimum, highlighting the vocal and rap. With a steady bass and flute throughout the song, it gives off a refreshing vibe that is only strengthened with Ten’s clear vocals and YangYang’s raspy, slightly sultry rap. The music video is filled with bright colors and oozes fun with a hint of flirtiness as the duo sing about chasing a loved one. The song, with its building climax and smooth and subtle harmonizing, closes out with a fun and impressive dance break. Ten and YangYang’s personalities shine throughout the lighthearted and playful melody. 

This is no surprise since YangYang mentioned on the V Live that he and Ten were able to contribute a great deal in this comeback.


TenxYang, a Long-Awaited Unit 

Ten and YangYang’s chemistry throughout the music video is not a shock for their fans NCTzens and WayZennies. The two have an ongoing series on the WayV YouTube channel called “Enjoy the Challenge,” or “ETC.” In the series, they take on a variety of fun activities that range from cooking to indoor skydiving. 

Ten and YangYang have an undeniable friendship seen onscreen and are at complete ease with each other. Often teasing each other, they have shown that their relationship is deeper than being members of the same idol group. Ten recently confirmed on the “Get Real” podcast that his relationship with his WayV members is that of a family. YangYang also mentioned earlier this year that his 2021 goal was to get closer to Ten. In many ways, this unexpected release is a gift for fans, as well as a showcase of the two members’ heartwarming brotherhood. 

In terms of music releases, though the two have never worked with just each other, they have released music outside of WayV and NCT. Ten currently has three songs on SM Station, “Dream in a Dream,” “New Heroes,” and “Paint Me Naked.” YangYang was featured on IMLAY’s Asteroid and has a SoundCloud release, Leonidas. With this new subunit, fans can only wonder what projects the two members will take on next.


What’s Next

WayV members have mentioned on numerous occasions in 2021 that they are preparing for their second studio album. YangYang again confirmed this fact during their V Live broadcast. 

With no set date, the album looks to continue WayV’s string of high-energy releases. Fans are in high hopes for the group’s future music.

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