The four-member boy group LUMINOUS are back with their second mini-album Between Light and Darkness (Self n Ego). The mini-album is a part of a trilogy that tells the story of a beautiful youth. It was released on January 20 along with a music video for the title track “All eyes down (advance).”

“All Eyes” on LUMINOUS

Fans of the group would be shocked to find that “All eyes down (advance)” is a departure from the more club-like vibe of their previous title, “RUN.” With so much room to explore their sound, LUMINOUS show a side of themselves they haven’t shown before with “All eyes down (advance).”


The track is bass-heavy and a cross between trap and EDM. The members can be seen in a desolate desert with crumbling buildings as they dance powerfully to the intense beat. With “All eyes down (advance),” LUMINOUS were able to showcase their versatility — the boys focusing more on their deep rapping abilities complemented by powerful vocals. 

“All eyes own (advance)” truly is a step away from the image LUMINOUS have created for themselves, showing the bright potential that awaits the group as they unearth a more ominous side to their sound.

Discovering Youth Between Light and Darkness

Between Light and Darkness opens with the bubbly hip-hop track “MATRYOSHKA.” The group’s rapper, Steven, took part in writing the lyrics of the rap-heavy song. As the title suggests, the song features a multi-layered sound with lyrics that speak to the “ego” element of the album’s “self n ego” concept. The song is followed by the haunting pop track, “Trouble.” The track continues to show off the more ominous image of LUMINOUS that is characteristic of the mini-album as a whole. This genre of LUMINOUS flows seamlessly into the title “All eyes down (advance).”

The following tracks, “Scintillation” and “Want it more?”, exhibit a shift in the group’s sound. “Scintillation” is a light, pop-inspired track that showcases the members’ more romantic side. The song highlights the group’s duality by focusing on the softer tones of the voices. The last track, “Want it more?”, follows the darker themes of the album. A dramatic close to the EP, the song leaves listeners anticipating the group’s next move with their harmonious vocals and cinematic sound.

A LUMINOUS Path Ahead 

LUMINOUS are a four-member boy group that debuted under BarunsonWIP Entertainment on September 9. The group consists of Youngbin (leader, vocalist, and main dancer), Suil (vocalist and rapper), Steven (vocalist and rapper), and Woobin (main vocalist). LUMINOUS have made their mark with their catchy hooks and stunning vocals that discuss the journey of youth and the various emotions it comes with. A luminous future awaits the rookie group as they continue to grow and develop their sound.

Fans “Want it More”

LUMINOUS fans have been patiently waiting for the group’s next project after the release of their first mini-album, YOUTH. To celebrate the new EP, they took to Twitter to express their excitement.

Stay tuned for more from LUMINOUS as they prepare to promote their Between Light and Darkness (Self n Ego) and make sure to follow their Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube for more!

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