Welcome to our “Make a Wish with NCT” series, where we share our favorite member-themed merchandise during their birthday months. For January, we are celebrating the main vocalist, producer, and WayV’s leader, Kun!

Make a Wish with NCT: Kun

“From Home” Fan Art Enamel Pin—EphemeralPins

Nuoyi” can accessorize with this handmade pin, recreating the stunning nature scenes of the “From Home” music video. The enamel pin is a fantastic way to decorate bags, lanyards, and clothing. It is available from 9.60 USD, with global shipping from New Zealand.

Make a Wish with NCT: Kun

WayV “Take Off” Acrylic Charm—NialysStore

Celebrate Pilot Kun with these cute acrylic charms, depicting the airplane from WayV’s “Take Off” music video. Costing 10.63 USD, the handmade charms make a great addition to keychains or jewelry. Orders ship internationally from the Spain-based store.

WayV KUN and Louis Vinyl Sticker—VisionnairePins

The WayV crew are known for their love of Little Friends, including their dog, Bella, and cats, Leon and Louis. This adorable 2.75 USD sticker is inspired by a video of Kun taking Louis on a stroll. The handmade, glossy stickers are perfect for crafting and decorating and are available from the United States with international delivery. 

We hope you enjoyed this roundup of merchandise to commemorate Kun’s birthday! If you’re looking for more, you can check out our November issue here. Stay tuned for our next “Make a Wish with NCT” issue!