EnVi is back with our October edition of the “Make a Wish with NCT” series. For our last entry of this series, we are celebrating the birthdays of NCT 127’s Yuta and WayV’s Winwin and YangYang.


NCT 127’s lead dancer celebrates his birthday on October 26.

Yuta Keychain by KpopSoda

Enjoy this colorful keychain with a locket size picture of Yuta. This handmade chain by KpopSoda has small beads and charms that fit perfectly on a pair of keys or a phone case. For $8.01, it can be a fun gift for Yuta’s fans or a statement piece for your next NCT 127 concert outfit.

My Favorite Yuta Pin by ThePopPinPuffer

Inspired by NCT 127’s single “Favorite (Vampire),” this handmade pin captures one of Yuta’s looks from the music video. Starting at $8.80 and shipping from the United States, this item by The Pop Pin Puffer can be used to decorate your tote bag or T-shirt.


The lead dancer and lead rapper of WayV celebrates his birthday on October 28.

Winderella Sticker by Cypher Design Co

On his birthday two years ago, the WayV members decided to host a party where they dressed as Disney Princesses, hence Winderella was born! Feel the magic of Cinderella and Winwin’s charm in one with this Winderella Sticker by Cypher Design Co, which is available to purchase worldwide for $1.37.

Yunqi Keychain by starsoos

This cute sparkling baby chick keychain by starsoos is a must-have for every fan of Winwin! Inspired by Winwin’s fandom name, Yunqi, and Winwin’s animal representation, it is the perfect dangling decor to show your love for Winwin. Shipping from Australia, this item is available worldwide for $7.11.


Yangriel Princess Enamel Pin by VisionnarePins

Inspired by the Bad Alive Princess Video, memorialize the iconic YangYang as Ariel for $13.25 with a pin from VisionnarePins. Shipping from the United States, you can use the gold-plated pin to adorn your backpack or any outwear!

We hope you had fun browsing fan-made items related to your NCT bias! Want to see more? Check our September roundup with Sungchan and Hendery-inspired items here.