It’s Springtime! And, you know what that means — new beauty launches and announcements. On May 21, French beauty brand L’Occitane announced the appointment of SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu as their first-ever ambassador for Asia. Embodying the brand’s “Art de Vivre,” the partnership highlights the appreciation for little luxuries in life. 

Photo courtesy of L’Occitane Japan

Mingyu X L’Occitane Shibuya

Mingyu made his ambassador debut with an appearance at the L’Occitane flagship store in Shibuya, Tokyo — just across the iconic Shibuya Crossing. After undergoing an overhaul, the store reopened its doors on April 27th with a fresh aesthetic. The renovated storefront kickstarted L’Occitane’s global rebrand for its 50th anniversary to be celebrated in 2026. 

Aligned with the goals of revitalizing the brand, L’Occitane introduces its first Asian ambassador. As per the brand, Mingyu was selected for the role as he embodies the ideal L’Occitane lifestyle, despite his busy career. “[He] cherishes the luxury of taking time for himself and those around him,” L’Occitane stated.

Photo courtesy of L’Occitane Japan

Mingyu’s Must-Haves

At the Shibuya event, Mingyu shared his thoughts about his new role, “I’m happy to hear that it’s the first time L’Occitane has appointed an Asian ambassador. I hope to be able to show you a good image of L’Occitane from now on. We have expressed our determination to deliver value,” he said. 

Mingyu also shared his favorite L’Occitane products with the public. The “MAESTRO” singer picked the Shea Butter Hand Cream and the Almond Shower Oil as his personal must-haves. The K-pop star even took the time to reveal his secret hand-care tip. “It’s even better if you use the Shea Nail Oil and then the Shea Hand Cream on top,” he explained. (Well said Mingyu, we’re taking notes!)

Shop Mingyu’s Favorites

Shea Butter Hand Cream
Almond Shower Oil

L’Occitane Body and Hand Care

L’Occitane’s staple products stem from the body and hand care lines. Fueled by botanicals, they are recognized as intensely hydrating and nourishing products. It’s worth noting that, as part of L’Occitane’s sustainability efforts, the body and hand care lines currently feature only sustainably and ethically sourced shea and almond butter produced by women from Burkina Faso. 

L’Occitane En Provence

L’Occitane En Provence (or L’Occitane for short) has been loved around the globe for its wide range of body care, skin care, hand care, and hair care. Since 1976, the brand has focused on spotlighting the provençal lifestyle through a brand image and formulations rooted in the knowledge and natural richness of the French Provence. Blessed by nature’s luxuries, L’Occitane formulates and produces products in France, in an environmentally certified factory and laboratory in Manosque.

Photo courtesy of L’Occitane

Keeping up with current times and the increasing interest in the Asia Pacific region, L’Occitane has appointed Mingyu as their first Asian ambassador. The promising association seems to be just the beginning of L’Occitane’s semi-centennial rebrand and expansion in the Asian continent. 

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